Thursday, June 29, 2006

Grandpa the Great

I was visiting my Auntie Margaret's site today and she posted a picure she had taken of Grandpa. She thought it was funny, especially with the walker in the foreground. I also think it is funny, especially since he made me take one just like it when we visited the island for Mel's wedding...

I love Grandpa.

Swimming PartnerS

I like to call this photo: "Trailer Trash"

P.S. Ben wasn't Dad's only other swimming partner, and if you can guess who that was you won't win a prize, cause I would think it was pretty obvious.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I don't really have anything interesting to say, This is just an excuse to post these pictures.

The other day during dinner I decided Ben was looking especially cute and took out the camera to take a picture of him. As soon as he saw the camera aimed at him he put on a huge smile and said "CHEEEEEEESE!" He's never done this before and he hasn't done it since. What a weird little kid.

Today I was listening to a CD and at the end of one of the songs there was applause and Ben said, "Sank you, sank you, sank you." Like he was Elvis or something. Some days...

In other news, this afternoon I got a phone call from some vacuum selling company. They had been by the other day to enter me in a "free" draw. All I had to do was tell them my name, what type of vacuum I have, and of course, my phone number. Today they phone and tell me the big draw is still happening in September, but I've miraculously won one of the daily draws. I can pick one of two prizes: A free stay at some resort in the States or a set of knives. Now ordinarily I would have just hung up, but my family is constantly pestering me about the state of my knives so I interrupt her little speach to ask, "And what is it I have to do to get this prize that I have already won?" I think we all know the answer... a vacuum demonstration.

I still have to decide if the knives are worth me being at home when the guy shows up. (Is that mean?) These people are nutters. Do they really think I'm dumb enough to believe they don't call everyone who was willing to give out their phone number and tell them they've "won" a daily draw? Whatever. Free knives. We'll see. (At least then I could tell people I tried to remedy my knife situation right?)

The census job is going well... I guess I'm not supposed to tell people they're going to jail if they don't do it which is a let down for me, but you can't have everything right? It's still nice to get out of the house and last night I took Glen and his mom out for dinner with my very own hard earned moolah. Beckerama, workin' for the man.

Sam's smiling and talking, which is a very enjoyable change. He loves his chair from Trish and today he spent an hour amusing himself by kicking to make himself and the toys rock and talking away to them. I cleaned my room. It was fabulous.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

One of those days...

You know you're having a good day when...

... It's rainy and cool enough that your baby finally gets to wear the cute outfit you've been waiting for weeks to put him in.

... You have a date with a whole bunch of ladies from your church and they're bringing presents and food.

... You are gifted with words from the heart that encourage you and inspire you to be a better Mommy.

... You finally get to try the new blizzard Dairy Queen cake and it's an Oreo one! (Not only that, but for some reason Yorkton Dairy Queen cakes are the best I've ever tasted. Ask anyone from Ben's party and they'll tell you the same thing.)

... After all of the showering you walk out of the church with presents for both of your babies and stunning flowers that you managed to commandeer for yourself.

Yup. A good day. Thanks Shirley! We all had a lovely time. I think we need to do some kind of shower for you very soon... I feel the need to reciprocate. ;)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Yes, things are definitely looking up... Maybe a little too up.

Perhaps if Glen had done a little more looking down he might have noticed the nail he was about to step on while he was working in the backyard yesterday. Oh well, Dad had a pretty good helper on standby just ready to jump in and do some building...

So Glen's trip to the hospital didn't disrupt the work too much.

Ahhh... The men in my life. What would I do without them? Sometimes they drive me crazy, but since it's Father's Day I'll admit that they are pretty fabulous people who take very good care of me and even more importantly, love my boys and are amazing examples for them. I feel very blessed to have them in my life.

Happy Father's Day Glen and Dad! I love you!

Friday, June 16, 2006

A Happy Heart

Things are looking up here at Willems Central.

Everybody is getting over being sick. This means that the constantly running noses only spurt out the odd gobs of goobers. Unfortunately Ben has a habit of wiping his nose on his hands and since he is such a clean freak he then wipes his hands... all over the place. It's actually pretty revolting, but what can you do?

Sam's thrush is completely gone. This means no more purple medicine which also means no more sores in his mouth! YAY! He seems to be coming out of the worst of things. Lenore, a lovely lady from our church, (Hi Lenore!) was over today to hold Sam for me and we both agreed that he seems to be more happy and relaxed than he was last week when she was here. I really think the colic might be a thing of the past very soon.

Mom and Dad are coming for a visit this weekend. Dad plans to tear down the junky greenhouse in our backyard and maybe put a railing on our deathtrap of a deck. Mom plans (I'm pretty sure) to hold Sam and play with Ben. I can't wait.

Glen's Mom is coming to help while he has final exams. For those of you who aren't teachers or who don't live with teachers you might not understand what a big deal this is for us. Usually, during final exams Glen is at school all day, all evening, and till 2 or 3 am every night. It's crazy and I don't know how I would have survived all alone here. I know single moms do it all the time, but I am not cut out for that life.

Yes, things are definitely looking up. I have this light feeling in my heart that hasn't been there for a while. It's nice. I think a big part of feeling better has been feeling like I am not all alone in this. There are some very special people who have taken time out of their lives to help me muddle through mine. (I won't mention names though, Trish, Darcie, Kara, Lenore and Fae Lynn.) Could I have survived without them? Probably, but I might not have this feeling down deep that life is good and the world is a happy place.

This got me thinking. Shouldn't I be able to depend on God alone to get that feeling? Shouldn't God's friendship be all I need to make me feel loved and cared for? How can I possibly feel like I am all alone when I know for a fact that God cares and He is right here beside me? I've been wondering this for a while now and mostly just been feeling guiltier and guiltier because it seems like maybe God is not enough for me.

Finally, Today I got my answer. While Lenore was visiting with Sam and Ben while I tidied my kitchen I realized, or maybe God told me, something. God designed me. Just like a car is designed to need gasoline to run, part of my design is my hearts desire for human companionship. No one would expect their car to function without gas and God doesn't expect me to function without the people I love. He wants me to depend on Him, but part of that is accepting the love he sends my way through my friends. So today I am filled with gratitude for my beautiful friends and family, but also for a God who knows I need them and sends them my way... Just to make me happy.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Shameless Begging

This morning the babysitter that was supposed to watch the boys during my job interview didn't show up so I quickly took the boys to a FABULOUS friend's house just down the street. (Just so you comprehend the magnitude of this favor... She has a two year old and a 5 month old AND she took them with absolutely no notice. Friends like that are hard to come by.) Anyways. When we got there Sam was already screaming. I felt terrible leaving her holding my maniac baby and was so flustered and distracted by the whole situation I almost wasn't the first one to finish the little test you have to do to work for Census Canada. (Almost. Not quite.)

Anyways. (I'm babbling because I'm excited.) When I made it back to her house two hours later there was Sam sleeping peacefully. Apparently, he stopped screaming the second she put him in this thing:
It vibrates people. Sam cried when I took him out of it. I've been thinking about whether I should try one, but didn't want to pay the big bucks if it just ended up being like the swing we already have. (Ben loved it. Sam doesn't like it. Go figure.) Now we've tried one for free and the results were... I have no words.

So. For those of you who have been asking me if there's anything that I need for the new baby. I need this. I want this. That's all I have to say.

Good thing he's so cute...

At least he looks sweet... Especially when he's asleep.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy Anniversary Pooky!

May our love be rooted,
In the love of the Father.

May our love be strengthened,
As we reach towards the Son.

May our love be watered,
With the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

I am so thankful that God brought you into my life.
(I'm seriously.)

PLUS now I'm sick too.

Sam's finally asleep in his swing so now I have time for some more whining. Here goes...

I'm sick. I haven't been this sick in forever. I want to lie in my bed and moan. Unfortunately for me, my babies are also sick and doing most of the moaning. At least Sam isn't screaming anymore. Moaning is much easier to put up with. On Saturday he screamed from noon until just before midnight with the occasional 20 minute sleep to get some energy for the next screaming session. It is not fun to hold a screaming baby while feeling feverish and headachy. Let me tell you. (Plus it is really difficult to blow your nose with only one hand. I am not skilled at this yet.)

On the upside his mouth seems to be healing and the thrush patch on his tongue has shrunk to almost nothing. So what I am forecasting is this:

1) All of us get over this nasty cold by the weekend.
2) Sam gets one more thrush treatment and is done it by Wednesday.
3) The roof of Sam's mouth will be once again covered in sores for a few days making him a maniac till approximately Saturday.
4) Sam's thrush is gone, his mouth is healed and he is happier than I've ever seen him by the end of this week.

This is my dream people.

One more up in my life is that
I have a job interview with Census Canada tomorrow. I should have no problem getting the job since I worked for them on the last census... So hopefully we can add this to my forecast:

5) I get the census job and go through training on Thursday and Friday and am on the streets by next Monday telling people to fill in their census or go to jail. (Ahhh... I love working for the man. The power trips alone are worth the effort.)

Whoops. Sam's screaming. Got to run.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thrush + Colic + Colds = Padded Cell?

Look at my beautiful baby people! Just look at him! For crying out loud.

Sam has thrush and has had it practically since the day he was born. Which means I've been giving him medicine for it since the day he was born. Which wouldn't be so bad, but the medicine works better if it gets a chance to sit in his mouth for a while. Which means I give it to him after he nurses. Sadly, the medicine always upsets him which makes him want to nurse and he can't cause it needs to soak in so he cries. (Cancel "cries" and put in "screams".)

Anyways. The regular medicine hasn't worked so now we are doing this purple crap that stains everything instantly. (If you think he looks bad then you don't want to even think about what my nipples look like.) In addition to this medicine making my adorable baby look like a freak it is giving him sores in his mouth which make him upset which makes him want to nurse, but when he tries to suck it hurts so he cries. (Cancel "cries" and put in"screams".)

Plus. Sam is colicky. Which means he screams for seemingly no reason and doesn't stop till he feels like it no matter what we do. He has to be held all the time. He practically never sleeps for longer than an hour.

Plus. Ben and Sam now have colds that they caught from their Daddy. So today Sam was awake and either attached to my nipple, or screaming his head off, or attached to my nipple and screaming his head off. (Hard to do, but he manages it somehow.) The poor little guy was so out of sorts he didn't sleep for longer than 15 minutes at a time starting at around 9am and lasting till around 10pm when he finally crashed. (He's sleeping on Glen right now. We wouldn't even dream of trying to put him down.)

Anyways. Today my loving husband surprised me with two "tickets" to Regina for a day to visit my friend Ang and I cried. Not because I was excited. Nope. It was because I couldn't handle the thought of all of the work to get ready and then the stress of the drive plus the stress of taking care of Sam while at a friend's house. So we're not going. Not right now anyways, but I think Ang might come out this weekend... Hopefully I'll be too busy to stress about the house being clean. I think that might push me over the edge.

The point? Ang my sister was talking to Glen about some massages that she has coming to her and Glen told her I could use a massage. And I could, but honestly, I'd be just as happy to lie in a room... any room... with no one else in it for a while. Just a quiet, empty room, with no threat of interruption lurking around the corner.

So here's what I'm thinking: Don't mental institutions have rooms just like that? And if I'm not mistaken aren't they also nice and padded for comfort? Sounds good. Sign me up.