Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas To All...

... And to all a good night.

Monday, December 24, 2007

One: Boys In New Jammies

We have a Christmas Eve tradition that was started by my parents. On Christmas Eve the boys, and sometimes me too, get new pajamas. I love it. Like my mom, to me there's not much better than freshly bathed children in new jammies, all cuddly and sweet smelling...... Unless you count waking up Christmas morning to sweet little boys vibrating with excitement in their cute new jammies. That's pretty good too.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Two: Dumb Stuff

I swear I didn't plan it this way, but "Two" is dumb stuff again this year. Last year it was this awesome ridiculously humongous wreath on the door of one of Glen's mom's condo neighbours. It still makes me laugh like crazy every time I see it. I used to wonder what the owners of that particular condo were thinking when they bought it. I have since discovered that it was purchased by a husband and brought home to his gob-smacked wife who mentioned that she thought maybe it might be a little large, but her concerns were brushed aside. LOL. That makes it even funnier than it was before. That poor woman. Ha ha ha! See? It still makes me laugh.

Something else that still makes me laugh is this:Oh man. Look at that dumb goose. He's so awesome. I've instructed my parents to leave him to me in their will. I'd cry if he ever got lost... Bitter tears of overwhelming grief and loss.

My mom has all these fake birds on her Christmas tree, and one year, because I have a fondness for Canadian geese, I took him and put him on our angel's arm to see how long it would take Mom to notice. It took long. Actually, I'm not sure if she ever noticed or we finally had to tell her. Anyways, for the past five or more years I've put him up there on the angel's arm. Mom fought it for a year or two and kept taking him down, but now it's tradition. When she decorates the tree she puts him on a branch and when I arrive from Yorkton I hunt him down and restore him to his place of glory. GLORY!

He reminds me of our old cat Jynx, all ratty and impudent. He's like, "Ya, I'm up here. What are you going to do about it?" Ha ha ha. I keep scrolling up and looking at that picture and cracking up. It makes me laugh. Hysterically.

I'm an easy sell though. (As I discussed with a friend tonight.) It doesn't take very much to interest/please/amuse me. It really doesn't.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Three: These Things

These are my very favorite cookies. And they're only available at Christmas time. They cost $2.00 a pack, but I'd pay at least $6.00. Yes. They are that good. LOL.

If you dip them in milk the sprinkles make a rainbow in your cup.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Four: You Know Who You Are

I promised myself I would only spend an hour working on this tonight. So far I'm only an hour past that. I think it's worth it though:

I'm on my way to Christmas with my family today. In just a few short hours I'll be standing right outside your door. (If you are my mom and dad anyways...) I love Christmas so much, the presents, the trees, the food, and most of all, my... ... ... I can't think of a good enough adjective... Family. I'm sure hoping all my Christmas wishes come true this year and we're all together.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Five: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

I suppose if I was a little less careless about where I leave my sharpies I wouldn't be greeted by this sight when I come back to the computer after being gone for 2 minutes to help Ben go potty:
I also wouldn't be as fond of these things as I am:Seriously. Mr. Clean has saved me more times than Jesus.

(LOL. Sorry. Sorry! I am JUST JOKING. I only put that in there so Shirley would report me to the pastor. I'm hoping my blasphemy will require a home visit, possibly involving pizza and a Life rematch... Except... If you think about it, it only took once for Jesus to save me, and Mr. Clean has saved me at least five times that I can remember.)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Six: Noah (UPDATED)

I love Noah. I miss him. He is definitely one of my favorite things. How could he not be? Look at him! Don't you just want to squish him? (Don't though. He's got some pretty intense personal boundries.) Everyone in our family is a little down in the dumps right now. If you don't read my Dad's cancer blog then you probably don't know that my nephew is sick. The poor little guy has a bad cold with some chest congestion, which is bad enough, but with Dad's immune system the way it is, and with his transplant right around the corner, if Noah isn't better then we won't all get to be together this Christmas. My brother Jonathan, his wife Melissa, and my best nephew Noah won't get to come to our family Christmas.

This sucks. It sucks so bad, I can't even tell you. We need this. We really do. We need to be together. I'm crying just thinking about it, so I can't even imagine what Johnny and Melissa are feeling. It's not exaggerating to say this is heartbreaking.

So we're praying for a miracle. We're praying that Noah gets over his cold in time for Christmas and that Johnny and Melissa don't catch it from him. Will you pray with us?

UPDATE: Melissa has added Noah Watch to her site for status updates.
Check it out here.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Seven: The Game of Life

Yup. There are days, lots of days, when life sucks. It's hard. Sometimes it feels like there's no rhyme or reason to it, like you're just spinning a wheel and things happen to you randomly. Who gets kids, who doesn't? Who gets sick, who doesn't? It seems like no matter how well you plan, something always happens to mess those plans up, and the minute you start getting ahead you're hit with college fees and suddenly you're $200 000.00 down.
But you know what? When you have people you love by your side it makes it so much better. I think God gives us people like that to let us know He's there too.

I'm glad I'm not driving down this road called life all by myself.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Eight: Hoarfrost

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nine: Lindtt

Christmas. That blessed time of year when we celebrate the birth of Christ, God's gift of salvation... By eating chocolate and lots of it. Is Jesus really the reason for the season? Or is it Lindtt? I have to tell you. It's a tough one. Lindtt gets me pretty ding danged close to heaven. Any closer and I might have to declare it a tie.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ten: Sleeping Ben

I love sleeping Ben. Not because it gives me a break, or because it usually means it's the end of my day, although those are both good reasons. I love sleeping Ben because he is just so darn cute...Here he is almost hanging off of my bed. Slightly scary, but still cute. Don't worry. I moved him right after I took his picture...Here he is crashed after preschool. He doesn't usually nap anymore, but on preschool days he always needs a little sleep after he gets home. It usually happens fairly spontaneously...Whoops. I woke him up trying to take his picture...
Don't worry though.
He was out again fairly quickly...

And I moved him somewhere a little more comfy after I took his picture.

You know what else? He still laughs in his sleep. His very first laugh was while he was sleeping when he was around two months old. He still does it, usually in the morning about an hour before he wakes up. I always wonder what he is dreaming about because he doesn't just snigger a little. He laughs hysterically for about a minute at a time, and I'm telling you... It is the cutest thing EVER. I love sleeping Ben.
I'm gonna go watch him for a while since he's sleeping right now.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Eleven: Scrabulous

Some of you may know this already because you are forced to play endless games with me, but I am addicted to Scrabulous. I can't get enough. As if my facebook addiction wasn't already out of control, I usually have somewhere around ten games going at all times. I always save them till last too. When I get on facebook I check my wall and messages, and then usually read my news feed, then I cruise through some pictures, and THEN it's time for Scrabulous. Here's a game in which I tooled all over my poor mom. Which was sad, because I think she used the cheat-o-matic the whole game and I quit using it halfway through.

I used to be all about the cheat-o-matic. There's a warning at the top of the page that states, "Please don't use the Scrabble cheat-o-matic for normal gameplay, unless you are really stuck. You will find scrabble much more satisfying if you rely on your own wit." I laughed when I first read that. I would never consider relying on my own wit in real life. Why would I do it for scrabble. Eventually though, I realized that my time playing Scrabulous was drastically cut down by the cheat-o-matic. Which, obviously, was not a positive thing.

And, it turns out, it actually is more satisfying to rely on your own wit. Or at least your own perseverance. You see, the thing I love best about Scrabulous is that you can't screw up. You can't spell a word wrong, you can't put down a word that isn't a word. (Like "turdy". Turns out turdy is not a word. Who knew?) It's fab. The game won't let you play your tiles till you've put down a word that is actually a word. I'm really not thinking at all when I'm playing, just throwing things onto the board, and clicking "play word" till I've managed to come up with something that works. It's so sweet.

I hate real Scrabble. I don't know very many two-letter words, which anyone who plays scrabble knows is essential. That doesn't matter on Scrabulous though. Two letter words are the cinchiest of all. 'Cause they're only two letters! In addition to just being a good old scrabbling time, there's a little box for chatting (and/or mocking) that takes the game from fun to fab.

Lately, I've been thinking about trying out the Family Feud link in the advertisement above my board, but I'm betting that will take away from my time playing Scrabulous. And, obviously, that would not be a positive thing. Actually, this blog is taking away my time playing Scrabulous. Right at this moment Mary K., Christine B., and Rebekah B. are all waiting for me to take my turn. So... See ya!

(The call of Scrabulous. Never underestimate it's power.)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Twelve Days of Christmas... Again

Well people. It's that time of year again. Time for me to count my blessings... Backwards from twelve. So let's get started with a really Christmassy one:

Twelve: When things go exactly as I want them to.

(This one should really be saved for the number one position, but it's way too much work to make this list anything other than "in no particular order".)

Oh my word, I really do love it when things turn out just how I imagined they would.

The other night we decorated our tree. It was fabulous. Glen video taped, I took some cute pictures, and the boys were adorable x10. There was no fighting or crying or whining. Ben worked so hard to put up the beads and garland and they all ended up in one conglomerated (Don't you love that word?) mess at the bottom of the tree. We broke some ornaments I bought from a garage sale, but they weren't my favorites anyways, so I didn't care. Sammy tried to eat some ornaments, but managed to get a few up on the tree all on his own. (Yes, they were covered in drool, but drool dries.) Ben kept saying things like "Oooooo! This tree is bootiful! We're desherating the tree right? These are beautiful desherarations."

Afterwards we popped some popcorn. Sam was very excited, which, if you know Sam at all, is pretty much his constant state. He danced around the kitchen screaming "Puhcorn! Puhcorn!" Ben got to open his new container of nacho seasoning, or as he calls it, "The cheesy." He put the cheesy on the popcorn himself, and Sam helped me mix it up. Then the boys sat in the living room and ate their popcorn with spoons, because that's the way civilized people do it.

It was perfect... Perfect family bliss. It doesn't happen often, but when it does it's hard not to want to freeze the moment and live in it forever. And not just because it's fun, and it gives you warm fuzzies, but because it means you experienced the hoy of fulfilled expectations.

I hate when my expectations are too high and I end up feeling like I got jipped. This happens to me all the time since I have very high expectations. As a result I tend to feel let down on a regular basis. Like my grad. And Benjamin's birth. That was a bit of a let down. (Not because of Ben. Ben has exceeded my expectations a thousand times over from the moment I fist met him. The trouble was I first met him hours after he had been born since I was unconscious when he took his first breaths, and cried his first cries.)

I hate being let down. I wonder if this is why I tend to be am a control freak. Somehow I've got it in my head that most everything requires my constant attention and direction in order to meet my expectations. The funny thing is... The more I let go, the more I find things going just the way I want them to. Weird.

Anyways. Here are some pictures of an evening that turned out just the way I hoped it would. Don't ask why Sam has a hammer. He just does. Look at the pictures and enjoy the pretty music.

Argh! There are supposed to be five more pictures and four more seconds on this thing! I have no idea what's up with animoto tonight, but I give up. (For now.) I've already remixed this thing five times. Grrr. Maybe I can fix it tomorrow.

Why don't things ever go the way I want them to? ;)

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's Here!

You have no idea how fabulous my basement smells! Mmm. Partylite goodness.

Everyone's candle orders are all ready to be delivered... There were only a couple mix-ups for me to straighten out. For instance, I'm not sure who ordered this:
It doesn't show up on my invoice anywhere. I'll have to check over everyone's orders, and hopefully I'll figure it out. Till then I'm putting it in my living room. I think it looks nice with my Christmas decorations.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Birthday-A-Rama Comin' Atcha!

Many years ago I stepped out of my comfort zone into a world of strangers and new experiences and spent my first summer working at Redberry Bible Camp. You have no idea how many times I've thanked God that I took that step into the unknown. Today is one of those times.

Today I'm thinking about Value Village and Sherbet. I'm thinking about nachos made with moldy cheese and buying bags of bread to feed (or huck at) geese. I'm thinking about fights in campsites and early morning swimming lessons. I'm thinking about long talks and walks on the beach. I'm thinking about waiting in the rain for an evil plot to come to fruition. I'm thinking about Little Buddies and Big Buddies and cruising Regina in a rickety truck with sports socks pulled up to our knees. I'm thinking about Angerama Comin' Atcha. All day the memories have been flitting through my mind.
We met at camp in 1993. I can't believe it was that long ago. I think I loved her from the moment she walked into the dining hall with her hoop earings and huge smile, and I've been smitten with her ever since. There was just something about being with Ang. She wasn't like anyone I had ever met before, and I'm still waiting to meet someone else who even comes close. I'm not sure that's even possible. She's one of a kind, in so many ways.
Our friendship started with laughter. Our idea of a good time used to be to publicly embarrass ourselves as much as possible. I wonder if I would still have the nerve to do any of the things we came up with in our giddiest moments. We don't do crazy things any more. Not really. We're boring stay-at-home moms, but somehow when Ang does it she makes it just as joyful and thrilling.

We've changed a lot, but the way I feel about Ang hasn't changed even a little. Unless it's that I love her more. When we talk together I still know I could tell her anything. I can look into her eyes and see acceptance and understanding. It doesn't matter that we don't spend every day together like we did at camp. When I hear her voice I'm right back there whispering in chapel about my latest crush, or plans for a late night rendezvous with a container of ice cream. Our hearts know each other and they always will. That's why a part of my heart that will always belong only to Angerama.
She has taught me so many things about friendship and fun and God. Ang is so in love with Jesus that she almost seems to vibrate with the joy of her salvation. She makes me want to be closer to God than I am. She makes me want to embrace life and live it with joy and passion. She just fills me up with happiness.

I'm so thankful that God brought her into my life and that He has allowed us to stay friends all these years. So happy birthday ya dumb cluck. I'm so glad you were born and that you're here in this world. I love you.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Way Back When

I'm home. I wish I wasn't though. I don't think I can tell you how hard it is to leave Dad when he's in the hospital, so I'll tell you something else.

On the drive home today I thought about a great question my mom asked on her blog: "If you could go back to your childhood for one day, what would you do?"

I thought about Stabler Point and walking the path to the beach in the mornings with my brothers and sister all in a line with our towels over our heads pretending to be monks. I thought about playing Barbies with Sheila Friesen and fighting over which Barbie got to be Ken's girfriend. I thought about dressing up Sweetums our cat in my doll clothes, and then a few years later doing the same thing to Jynx. I thought about my favorite teachers and field trips to the Forestry Farm. I thought about afternoons at Gramma and Grampa's with all of my cousins and enough food to feed a small country. I thought about the summer I slept every night in the playhouse and swam every day in the pool in our backyard with my friends. I thought about winters spent digging tunnels in snowdrifts and sliding down hills in garbage bags. I thought about walking to school with my Ido Dido under my arm. I thought about throwing out my peas when Mom and Dad weren't looking and sneaking out of bed to watch Night Court from the hallway. I thought about exploring the gravel pits with Trevor Hopkins, Danielle Stradecke, Jeff Van De Voorde, and Meatbone. I thought about days at the beach learning to swim with my mom and taking turns being dragged around the lake by my dad on a tube behind our awesome brown boat. I thought about Christmas mornings and cartoons on Saturdays, sleepovers and air bands, long rides in the camper and popsicles made with a cup of tang and a spoon for a stick.

I wouldn't do any of that though.

If I could go back to my childhood for one day I'd go back to a day when I was still little enough to be at home with my mom all day. In the morning I would sit on her lap holding hair elastics in my hand while she brushed out my tangles. Then she'd scrape my hair into pigtails that stood almost straight up because it was still really too short for an updo. We wouldn't care though. I'd play with my toys for a while till I got bored and then I'd follow Mom around till she got sick of having me underfoot and put me back on her lap for a story, or maybe she'd play dolls with me. In the afternoon she'd put me in my bed for a nap and I'd give her a big wet kiss right on the mouth that she'd have to wipe off once she got out into the hall. After my nap I'd go outside and pick some flowers from her flower garden for her. When Dad got home from work he'd give me a hug and a whisker rub, then he'd put me into his overalls and walk around the house with me, or maybe I'd stand on his feet and we'd dance while he sang Did You Ever See a Lassie? While Mom worked on supper he'd wrestle with all of us in the living room till Johnny would get carried away and kick me in the head. I'd cry, and Dad would pick me up and kiss it better. I'd milk it for all it was worth so Mom would have to kiss it too, and maybe she'd put me up on the counter for a while with some juice and I could watch her putting supper on the table. After supper we'd have a bath and soak Dad with our splashing. We'd get dressed in our jammies and Dad would wrestle with us some more while Mom yelled at him to "Stop winding the kids up before bed!" They'd read me a story and tuck me into bed, but I'd get up four or five times stalling for water and missing dolls and whatever else I could think of. After I finally fell asleep to the sound of Mom and Dad talking, Mom would come into my room and fix the blankets I had kicked off. Then she'd stroke the hair that had fallen out of my pigtails from my face and give me one last goodnight kiss.

That's what I'd do.

I love remembering my childhood. I have lots of really great memories of growing up and they're mine to keep, but I wish I could remember all of it. So if I could live a day over again, I'd choose a day that would add to my collection.
I wish I could remember some of those ordinary moments when I was my Mom and Dad's little girl and nothing else. I wish I could remember what it was like to be so small and secure in the tiny little world I existed in. Way back when my mom made my decisions and my dad was a superhero. Before responsibilities, and mortgages, and long drives that take you away from people you love, and way before cancer.