Monday, March 31, 2008

Checking In

The last few days I stayed at the Holidiseased Inn in scenic Sicktown. It actually wasn't as nice as it sounds. You would think I would enjoy all of the lying around and general laziness required and laid out in Sicktown's city bylaws, but actually it put a bit of a cramp in my leisure time. I could have been enjoying all of the freedom from housework and childcare responsibilities (Glen was on "vacation" and did most of the work this week) by writing tons of blog posts and playing Sims, watching TV and reading books, but generally when I sat down to do those things I ended up staring at the screen and then finally saying... "I think I'll just go lie down." This had something to do with the dizziness and watering eyes parts of this flu, and not any resolution on my part to rest and recuperate as much and as quickly as possible respectively.

Today, however, I managed to put in a good two hours of Sims (I was building and decorating a fab house for my friend Denita... It has a moat and a bowling alley) which, I think, is a sign that I am getting better, and not, as I am sure some of you are thinking, that I am lame and have too much time on my hands. The key, really, is to look at these things positively. (I'm going to use that line on Glen in a few minutes so he'll let me watch Dancing with the Stars uninterrupted instead of making me rescue him from the boys who want to wrestle in between brief coughing fits and wiping their boogers all over their sleeves, the couch, or Glen's shirt... Or all of the above.)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My New Digs... I Dig Them.

About a year ago my cousin Carrie promised to make me a new blog template. She is much better at this stuff than I am, as seen here and here, and so you can imagine my excitement. (She draws all that stuff herself! Isn't she amazing?) She has been teasing me with previews for a while now and today you finally get to see the results of her labor. (Of love?)

In tribute to her year of procrastination, here are some screen shots from one of my favorite forms of procrastination... Filling my Sims neighborhood with people I know reality and toying with their lives.
Here she is with Kyle and Patrick in front of their house just after I moved them in. (You can tell because if you look in the windows, there's no furniture. I always take a picture of each family in front of their house when they first move in.) Carrie is flexing for you. I'm not sure what Kyle's doing. Some kind of boxing pose I think. He probably thinks it makes him look tough. I think he's right.

Here she is diligently working away at my blog.
And chatting with me on MSN. (I'm cracking her up with a story about my split pants.)
Here's Patrick destroying the furniture while Carrie is distracted by my MSN hilarity.
Chip break. Slow down there Carrie. They aren't going anywhere.
Maybe change of clothes would help? It's important to be comfortable while you work.
Phew. Time for another break. (Carrie, those PJ's are decorated with these awesome little pink bunnies! They look just like Happy Bunny.)
Time for a break from the break. (Carolyn came over, she lives across the street. Kyle ordered pizza for everyone, but Carolyn wasn't hungry. Either that or she doesn't like pizza. I think Patrick is about to pounce her. "Look out Carolyn! Ahhhh! Oh, the humanity! I can't bear to watch.")
And a nap. Watching your cat tool all over your aunt is hard work.

Well, there you have it. Or at least how I imagine the whole thing went down. It looks great, and in my opinion was totally worth the wait. It's amazing to have a place that was designed just for me with original artwork by one of the most talented and amazing girls I know. Thanks so much Carrie! I love you! MWAH!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Poor Guys

Ben and Sam started puking within ten minutes of each other on Friday night. This led me to believe they were food poisoned by some Heinz Spongebob Squarepants pasta shapes in tomato sauce that they had eaten a little over an hour earlier. After throwing up till four in the morning, Ben seemed better the next day but Sam puked on and off till Monday with a little diarrhea thrown in just for fun. Then they both seemed to be fine yesterday until this morning.

This is how the boys are looking right now:
Ben's fever is only at 101 degrees Fahrenheit, but Sam's was at 103 just a little while ago. I threw him in the tub and gave him his second dose of Tylenol an hour earlier than I was supposed to. If that doesn't work I suppose I'll have to take him in to see a doctor. I say a doctor because ours is out of the office today, so we'll get whoever happens to be in the hospital emergency ward because we have no walk-in clinics in this ding-danged dumb city. Sigh.

I hate the emergency ward here in Yorkton... Well, I hate it anywhere, but it's worse in Yorkton. Don't ask me why, because you really don't want to get me started.

Oh well, maybe we'll get lucky and Sam's fever will come down with this second dose, or at the very least, maybe the doctor on call today will be a good one. Say a prayer for my sickies if you think of it.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thy Promise I Believe

Just as I am without one plea

But that Thy blood was shed for me
And that Thou bid'st me come to Thee
Oh lamb of God I come I come.

Just as I am and waiting not
To rid my soul of one dark blot
To Thee who's blood can cleanse each spot
Oh lamb of God I come I come.

Because Thy promise I believe
Oh lamb of God I come I come.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hey Auntie...

Don't you wanna rain dance with me?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!

Now that the first day of Spring is only a few days away, Springy sights are springing up all over our neighborhood... Some of them are so precious:
Some of them are funny:
And some of them just piss me off: (Sorry. There's no better word.) You know, if these were the only incidents of these particular items, or even in the minority of junk lying around on the street, it wouldn't bother me so much. I know that when the snow melts you have to expect some general trash to be revealed. The thing that gets me though, is that of all the garbage lying around these three items by far make up the majority of the trash. And the beer ones? They are almost always either shattered on the road or, like the one pictured above, thrown up onto peoples' (or my) yards. I found two on our yard... So far. We still have lots of snow that needs to melt... And one empty vodka box hurled right up next to our house. Lovely. I'd probably be in a bad mood if the precious things weren't just so freakin' precious. I think I'll go to their blogs and post some more pictures of their preciousness just to make sure my good mood sticks around.

Ow, My Eye.

Today Sam came in the bath with me. I let him do this fairly often for many good reasons:

  1. He cries until I let him.
  2. It keeps him out of trouble.
Okay. So that's not many. It's only two, but they are such good reasons, it seemed like they added up to more.

Anyways, when he comes in the bath with me he unfailingly tries to get hold of my razor while I shave my legs. This is not only irritating, but slightly dangerous, as he is both stubborn and lightning fast. So my solution is to let him have one of his own, without a blade of course.

Today, while I was rinsing my hair, with my eyes closed, which was foolish because it meant I couldn't see what kind of trouble he was plotting... He took the back of his razor and hit me in the eye. Hard. I swear he pushed my eyeball into the center of my brain. So once again, I find myself in a great amount of pain with nothing to show for it. No black eye, no red eye, just a deep stabbing, pulsing pain.

I'm telling you straight up, Sam is a menace.

(A star to the person who can tell me, without looking it up Trav, what show the title of this post comes from and who said it.)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

November... Oh Crap.

I didn't remember, until I opened November's posts, that November was NaBloPoMo. This would have made picking a favorite post much more difficult if it weren't for this post. Ha ha ha! Oh man. I love Ben. I wish Little Dudey would hang out with us more, but he hasn't been around for a while. Sad.

There sure were lots of great posts that month though. (If I do say so myself.) I liked NaBloPoMo and I'll definitely do it next November. Posting every day forces you to be creative and to my surprise I didn't have much trouble doing it. I will, however, never even consider doing Blog 365 like this crazy person I know and love.

Anyways. I'm almost done this tag... And it's only been two months! (To the day actually.) It almost makes me want to quickly throw out the December favorites post, but Dancing with the Stars is on in six minutes... So... See ya!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sweet Deal!

On one of my frequent walks through Zellars, which almost always happen before or after working at the Preschool Playland in the mall, I stumbled across this sweet deal:Only $19.98! (Children not included.) Honestly, I'll buy almost anything if it is 50% off, but I'm super psyched about this table. We have a wooden one in the basement, but it is not very portable and sometimes it would be nice to be able to set up something in the kitchen or living room for the boys... And now we can!!! It folds up so it won't be in the way when we don't want it, but I am thinking this thing will be set up most of the time. The boys love it. Now they can watch their favorite show and snack away at a table that matches!

Oh man, I love a good deal. It just makes my day!

(It's an even better deal when you consider that I worked at Playland today and made $25.00... So really... The table was FREE! All I had to do was pack up the boys, put them in the van, transfer them to the playland, sit on a couch watching them play for two hours, then bring them home again! Ah, life is good.)

(Check out Sam's hair in this picture. LOL. Looks like it's haircut time again very soon.)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's Geeorjuss Outside!

We've really been enjoying the balmy weather here in Yorkton...LOL. Poor Sam. I took that picture to go with the one I have of Ben at around the same age...
I know. I'm cruel. But it's really funny and they stop crying as soon as you pluck them from the snow. Sam actually had a really good time yesterday once I shoveled a clear spot on the deck for him to walk around on.
Glen had a pretty good time too. Here he is trying to figure out what to use for a mouth for his snowman...
He didn't have much luck so I took care of it for him...
Then it was time for a smoke break...
Heh heh. Pine cones make great lips hey?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Butt, It Hurt.

Those in my family know that Sammy head butted me a couple weeks ago. On the nose. Hard.

They know this because I whined about it for a whole day. I'm pretty sure they thought I was just being a big baby because I didn't even get a black eye. I wish I had. Then I'd have had proof that it really frickin' hurt.

It still hurts. STILL HURTS!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. That kid is a monster.

October: A Month, NOT a Name.

After looking through all five of my October posts from 2007, I have to say this one is my favorite. It made me laugh out loud. I'd forgotten all about the whole incident. I imagine most of you will think this is a lame post to pick as my favorite, but I laughed like crazy when it happened and I laughed like crazy again when read it just now.

I'm meeting my stalker for a birthday lunch on Saturday. I like to do stuff like this occasionally, just to make sure they haven't forgotten me. It's no good having a stalker if they lose interest. The key is to find the balance between seeing them too often and too little. Too little and they forget why they started stalking you in the first place, too much and they lose the sense of desperation and obsession that make them so special to you.

Usually I just mow the front lawn in a bikini till my stalker drives by to keep them in peak stalking condition, but it's pretty cold outside, and the neighbors have asked me to stop getting dressed with my bedroom curtains open, so that's out.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Great Pie!!!

Those who know me well, know I don't bake. Like my mom, I figure why bake something when you can buy something from the store with no stress and no mess? I even bring store-bought baking to church potlucks. Although, lately my mom's been baking. I think it's because she finally has time. It's throwing my world out of kilter a little.

My mom has an explanation for her sudden abnormal behavior, but I have no idea why lately I've been baking stuff. And not just Pillsbury cookies either. Tonight I reached, in my eyes anyways, the pinnacle of all baking undertakings... I baked my very first apple pie. Just look at it!And it doesn't even taste gross. It tastes good! I'm so proud of me! I'm so domestic! I feel like such a grown up!

I have to tell you, my original plan was a chocolate cream pie made with instant pudding, not even the cooked stuff. But since Ben was the one who asked for pie, I let him choose, and he chose apple. It's all due to his new Backyardigans DVD, so I'll leave you with the lyrics that brought about this baking miracle...

Pie-yaaaaaaaa! Pie-ya!
I make pie like a samurai!
Pie-yaaaaaaaa! Pie-ya!
Like a samurai, who makes pies!
Some bakers make pies
while they're sitting in a chair
But I tumble and crouch
and leap through the airrrrrrrrrrr!
Focus is important,
patience: a must
Use the freshest fillings
and the flakiest crust!
I practice my jumps,
my turns and my kicks
And I never forget
to shout this when I miiiiiiiiiiix...
Pie-yaaaaaaaa! Pie-ya!
I make pie like a samurai!
Pie-yaaaaaaaa! Pie-ya!
Like a samurai, who makes pies!

The Great Pie!
Is better than ice cream,
Better than cake,
And it's really, really, really…
Hard to make.