Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Grinds My Gears

How many times will I have to ask myself "WHY would any parent in their right mind send their child out in public with a fever?"

In my mind, any child with a fever stays away from other children, and preferably inside, for at least 24 hours. Until I see the fever gone they don't have contact with other children. Until I know what virus or bacteria is causing their body's temperature to climb, I don't send them out. In my mind, if your kid has a fever of over 39 degrees the night before and is still up there in the 38 degrees range he DOES NOT BELONG AT SCHOOL!

(Yes. This actually happened today at Ben's preschool.)

I mean... HONESTLY! Am I completely deranged to think the best place for a sick kid to be is at home? I don't want my kid sick, I'm pretty sure your kid's teacher doesn't want to get sick, and you would think the parent of a sick child would want their child at home resting so they can get better faster. Especially if they don't even know what their kid is sick with yet. Usually the fever comes before the other symptoms. It's after the fever that you find out your kid has been spreading around whopping cough, strep throat, or chicken pox. In the meantime, you've put other children at risk and sent your sick child out and about. Good thinking. 'Cause preschool is THAT important. Heaven forbid your kid misses the day they paint with spaghetti. It's totally worth the risk to send them out. Totally worth it.

I'm telling you people. There isn't much that is guaranteed to raise my temperature faster than obviously sick children being dragged out to play with other kids. Especially my kids.


Next time Ben gets pink-eye he's going to school. None of this keeping him home garbage. He's going, and I'm going to tell him to lick stuff.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh Joy, Oh Bliss!

I have a new camera. I've been noticing lately that my poor old camera is just not doing the things it used to do anymore. It has to have been dropped at least 30 or so times. And not just from my hand onto the bed, or even a carpeted floor. I know for a fact it's gone down the stairs and landed on tile floor at least three times. And who knows how many times the boys have dropped it without my knowledge? But that camera just kept plugging along taking great pictures after great pictures, but lately... It's been dying.

And, faithless wretch that I am, I couldn't be sad. Or at least, not that sad. Because a broken camera means a new camera and I've been planning this for a while now. I even had permission from Glen to go out there and buy myself whatever I felt I needed to make my little wanna-be-photographers heart leap with joy.

But I didn't. Not really. I decided on a new version of the old Canon. Another point and shoot. Because, in the end, I couldn't make myself face the price tag of what I'd really like. So I bought a camera for half the price of what we payed for our first one with more than double the mega pixels and 3 times the optical zoom. Isn't it crazy how camera prices have gone down? This is part of the reason I am forcing myself to wait. Before I know it the camera I want will be down in the affordable range, I can wait.
And in meantime, I'm drunk on my increased zoom and pixels! Weeeee! Is there anything better than the perfect shot?

(So far the new camera has been dropped twice. Once on the driveway. Why am I such a clutz? I try to be careful! I really do!)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yes. I'm Lame.

Can I just say how jazzed I am for TV tonight? I am. Jazzed.

Of course, with the excitement comes the dread of knowing that something bad is about to happen to Derek. This bothers me only for his sake. Frankly, I don't think Meredith deserves him, and will be quite happy to watch her wait all night out there for him. She's a dipstick. First class.

To most of you, this won't make any sense, but to those of you who know exactly what I'm talking about: Cheers! Wee hoo! and Giddy Up!

I suppose I should also mention it's Ping's birthday. But more about that later.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Mom and Dad are here. Dad's fixing our shower. I think Mom is upstairs doing dishes. They're such good company. Plus cute too hey?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back to School!

Today was Ben's first day back to preschool. He was so excited. So was poor little Sam, who will have to wait a whole year before he can go. I got Ben's backpack all ready for him and then had to get another one for Sam who, of course, stole Ben's and started a bit of a cry-fest just before we had to leave. Luckily, we had a perfect Sam-sized backpack on hand so crisis averted. (Last year I ordered Ben the (not so) perfect (for him) backpack from ebay which turned out to be slightly smaller than I had imagined. I ordered Ben another one immediately after receiving the teeny tiny first purchase which is what he's wearing. Sam is, of course, wearing the tiny one. It actually looks much larger in this photo than it does in real life. Definitely not big enough to transport all of Ben's school projects.)
Here's my good sweet boy ready for his first day. I'm sorry, but I just have to gush here just a little. Isn't he just the cutest little preschooler ever? I watched through the one way window for a little while and not only is he adorable, but he is so well behaved and attentive! I could just kiss him! (I can't believe I forgot to when we left. Sam was causing a bit of a scene though, so I forgive myself.)

And here's my poor little Sam on the way out to the van. He's crying. You'll notice he's not wearing his backpack here. That's because he took his off and tried to put it with the rest of the kids' when Ben took his off. I couldn't put it back on him because he was screaming and fighting not to leave. I tried to get a picture of him crying, just to fully document the day, and because I think pictures of crying kids are funny, but he was mad at me and kept running from the camera and standing with his back to me. Pouting. He's a good pouter. "Sammmmmmmy! Sammmmmmmmmmmmy! Look at Mommy Sammy!"

"No. Go away."

Ha ha ha! Don't worry. I cheered him up with a game of chase through those trees before I pitched him in the van and took him home for nap time. I have a feeling this year is going to feel even longer than last year did when it comes to getting Sam out of that classroom. Poor guy. It's so hard to wait for the things we really want. Especially when we're two.

Ben had a great first day and left his school singing the new goodbye song he learned. (More gushing: He's so musically talented!!!) He painted two pictures, one for me and one for him, and made some art using cooked spaghetti. What more could a little boy ask for in a day?

Ice cream apparently.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Is It Just Me?

... Or does this cat...
... Look like this horror film monster?

I'm just sayin'.

This of course reminds me of the grade six sleepover I went to at Jen's house. All the girls wanted to watch Gremlins in the dark, but I made them leave the lights on because I was so scared. I sat in a recliner in the corner right under the lamp. *Shivers* I still hate scary movies and if I do happen to rent them I fast forward all the freaky parts till I know what happens and then maybe I watch them once I am assured that everything works out fine. Maybe. (Jen never invited me for another sleepover after that... I wonder why?)

Friday, September 05, 2008

Here's To You

There are many things in life that you can't count on. You can't count on sunshine when you plan a late summer photo shoot. You can't count on remembering your bank PIN at the Walmart checkout, even though you've punched that sucker in a thousand times. You can't count on holding down what you ate for lunch. You can't count on cash in your wallet when the skating club comes to your door selling those awesome chocolate mint things.

But there is one thing, well two really, that I can count on. Dixie and Becky will post. Almost every day. Sometimes more. So, when I'm bored and can't think of anything interesting to write to amuse myself, I at least have something to read. And when all the other regular bloggers (like me) take a week off (or three), you'll be there. It almost never fails. And for that, my girls, I raise my glass of dumb old milk (because I can't have alcohol or even caffeine) and toast you.

And here's to my mom. Who posts almost as often.

You're the sunshine in my day, the bank PIN in my brain, the food in my belly, and the cash in my wallet. (And if you were here, right now, I bet you'd even lend me the money I need for those mint things to go with my milk.) And for that... I salute you.


Monday, September 01, 2008

It Happens Every Time

It never fails. If I'm pregnant and nauseated Red Lobster is unfailingly in the middle of it's endless shrimp promotion. (Retch.) I can't watch TV without the remote within arm's reach at all times for when their shrimptastic commercials flash onto the screen every single commercial break. (Gag.) I seriously should have taken this into consideration when planning this pregnancy. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now.

But it could be worse. I could be this guy.

(Just trying to stay positive.)