Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What I'd Say, Today

I wanna call Dad today. I wanna phone him and tell him all about what I did. There's no one else I really want to tell. There's no one else who will appreciate it the way he would.

I want to ask him if he remembers three or four years ago when I sent one of Ben's baby toys home with him to see if he could fix it. It had these two wheels on it that had stopped turning the way they were supposed to. I can't remember now if he opened it all up and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working, or if he just never got around to it and I finally gave up and took it back home, or what.

Today I took it out for Hannah to play with. I thought of him right away. I thought of asking him to fix it years ago, and I wished he was here to ask him again.

I figured it would still be fun without the moving parts anyways. But I'm my Dad's daughter, and that didn't last long. I have the same belief in my ability to fix things that he did. His was based on a moderate amount of know-how and a little cockiness. Oh yeah, and a fair bit of stubbornness. My belief is based on almost NO know-how, a fair amount of cockiness, and a whole lot of stubbornness. (I think Dad and I would both prefer to think of it as a mixture of genius and tenacity.) So I broke out my drill, yes my drill, all fix-it jobs are bound to go better with power tools, (Dad helped me buy that drill) and took the sucker apart.

It was full of cat hair. I seem to remember Dad saying something about this at one point, so I'm betting he cleaned out at least part of it when he had it, but when we brought it home we still had cats, so once again it was FULL of cat hair. (Either that or he never opened all the parts that I opened.)

If I was telling this story to my dad right now I know the phrase "filthy animals" would have been used at least twice by now. (Once by him, and for sure once by me to tease him.) Anyways, I cleaned it out again and then I started fiddling. The motor thingy seemed to be working fine. Which was good, because if it wasn't, it would have all been over at that point. Eventually, I discovered one of the gears/wheels on the inside was a teeny bit harder to turn than the others, and I noticed a couple of tiny hairs sticking out of the center bolt thingy. So I pulled those out. Nothing. I picked at it a bit more. Then I got some tweezers and a utility knife and managed to pull out a couple more bits of hair and after about 20 minutes of picking and fiddling... It worked!

I fixed it.
I fixed it Dad.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Street View

Before I get started on the real reason for this post, I have to say: I love our neighbourhood. It feels like such a "neighborhood". It's very neighborly. Because it's not really a drive, almost a crescent, there isn't very much traffic. Well, not vehicular traffic anyways. There is a LOT of walking and bike riding and wandering done on our street. Especially by the children who live here. Which means when Ben and Sam play in the front yard, which they can do a little more safely because there aren't that many cars driving by, they attract attention.

Hold on. I'll be right back.

See that? That's what's going on right now outside. Well, actually not. I see through the window Glen bringing Hannah in right now. She has a booter.

This is what I remember our neighborhood being like when I grew up. I'm so glad we moved onto this street. It's so fab. Ben and Sam have all kinds of friends who come by to play after school, or who drop off toys that they don't play with any more on a regular basis.

Anyways. That's not what I came on here to write about. What I came on here to write about is this:

The other day I noticed that Yorkton now has Google street view. Which I love. So I immediately searched for our house, and on the way over I saw these two selling lemonade and LAUGHED. Isn't that the best street view EVER? And the funniest thing is that it is so typical of our neighborhood. You have NO IDEA how jealous I am of this. And how tickled. That bigger blonde girl selling lemonade is the same little blonde girl holding Hannah's hand in the other picture.

I asked her about it today, and she told me all about seeing the truck with the big round camera on top. And, get this, that her and her sister delivered lemonade to the driver. Ahahaha! That is SO awesome.

I love our street. And our street view.

(Here's our house, for those who are curious.)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

This World Is Not My Home?

I've been thinking about heaven a lot lately, for obvious reasons. And because I'm reading this book. (I think I borrowed it from Mom and Dad's house a few years ago, but never read it till now. Probably without asking first, don't tell Mom.)

Of course I find it comforting... To think of Dad there, with Grampa, and Johnny and Melissa's babies, and Mavis, and his uncle Henry. In one of the first chapters Don talks about arriving in heaven and being surrounded and greeted by people he loves and who love him, and how perfectly joyful he felt. I think about that a lot. I know as a Christian I'm supposed to have already had a longing for heaven, I'm supposed to view this world as only temporary, and I'm supposed to value heavenly pleasures above earthly ones, but honestly, I've never been very good at that.

It's just so hard to long for such an abstract place, especially when you set it beside such concrete happiness. The pleasure of my little boy's laughter, my baby's smile, their little arms wrapped around my neck, even just a really good book and a warm sun to read it under. There are moments of perfect bliss to be had on this earth and I have trouble imagining that I could be happier there than I am in my happiest moments here... Seriously, who REALLY thinks streets of gold can compare to a day at the beach? (Yes, I know that's over-simplifying things more than a little, but you get my drift.)

Till lately. Lately even the most wonderful moments hurt, at least a little. Lately I find my heart wishing to be gone from this world in a way it never has before. Not because there is nothing left for me here. Not because I don't still experience great happiness. But because I can finally imagine the abstract world of heaven offering me a moment completely perfect in joy.

I imagine seeing my dad healthy and happy and vital the way he was before he got sick. I imagine knowing that nothing can take him away from me again. I imagine the feel of his arms around me again, and his hand cupping the back of my head as he hugs me close, just like how he hugged me the morning he left for Seattle. And that's enough to make this girl finally long to go there more than I long for anything.

Not yet. I still have things to do, and people to love... But I'm longing a little.

(I have more to say, but that's it for tonight.)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Ring Those Phones

Things in our house are pretty miserable right now. I'm sick. All the kids are sick. Hannah is miserable. Sam is miserable. Ben is trying to cheer them up, but not very successfully. Just now Sam was crying because he wants to play Nintendo, and Ben was trying to give him a Lego creation he made just for him.

Me: Sammy if you can stop crying you can go play.
Sam: I am! I am stopping!
Ben: Here Sam. Here Sammy I made this for you!
Sam ignores Ben and tries to get past him.
Glen: Sam that's not very nice.
Ben: See Sammy? I made this for you!
Sam: It's borning. (Boring.)
Me: Sammy. You be nice. Tell Ben thank-you.
Sam: Thank-you very much Ben, but it's borning.

What can you do with a kid like that? Mostly laugh. Monster.

Telemiracle is on TV right now. I almost forgot about it till Aunty Susan reminded me on facebook. I remember the day Mom and I went into the Telemiracle office in Saskatoon to drop off some final papers and to inform them that Dad hadn't made it... And the girl at the desk cried. That's the kind of people that are working down there. People who really care about the people they are helping.

And they helped us. They paid for Mom and Dad's trip out to Seattle both times, and for their expenses while they were there. Which was a LOT. They made it possible for them to go out there for Dad's treatment twice, without taking out a HUGE loan. They couldn't take away all the stress, and they couldn't make Dad better, but they took away a lot of the worry over finances, and until you are there you can't understand what that means to a family who has more worries than they know what to do with.

So if you get a chance, and if you haven't done it already, call Telemiracle and make a donation in Dad's memory, to help some other family that has more worries than they know what to do with.

Monday, March 01, 2010

I Know Why

First, let me just say how humiliating it is to talk about this in public.

Second, let me point out that this is all Ang's fault, I wasn't going to watch, but she wanted me to so we could talk about it. And Mom was watching. And I really have nothing to do on Monday nights anyways.

Third, let me also warn you that there will only be a few of you who will know what I'm talking about, and fewer still who will be interested.

Now that I have that out of the way...

I know why Jake picked Vienna and not Tenley. He couldn't put it into words, but I can. And there's a good reason for that. He's not a real man. Well, he is, but he's not a manly man. And of course, he is completely unaware of that, so how could he explain it to Tenley? Or himself?

Anyways. That's what it all comes down to. Remember that first date with Vienna, and he was all crying on her shoulder? And how he was so scared, but Vienna was the brave one and helped him face his fears. Try and picture that happening with Tenley? You can't, can you? She is such a soft version of a girl. And Vienna is the opposite. And Jake needs a tougher version of a girl. Because he's a wuss. You can't have two weepy, softies in one relationship.

There it is. The mystery solved. The reason the Jake couldn't pin down, and why it didn't "feel right" with Tenley. He knew that he'd have to step up and "wear the pants" in the relationship. She would be the one needing the shoulder to lean on, instead of vice versa. So he picked Vienna, who could stand up for herself (could she EVER!) and be his shoulder to lean on. Awe. Kind of makes you want to barf doesn't it?

Me too.

I vow this people, I am NOT watching next season. No matter who is watching, or how much fun they promise me we'll have laughing at the show. My gag reflex is just way too strong for me to continue subjecting myself to this every Monday night.