Saturday, December 10, 2011


Today I couldn't find a word.

I typed "lonely" into the thesaurus to try and find it...
"Abandoned, alone, apart, by oneself, comfortless, companionless, deserted, desolate, destitute, disconsolate, down, empty, estranged, forsaken, godforsaken, homeless, isolated, left, lone, lonesome, outcast, reclusive, rejected, renounced, secluded, single, solitary, unbefriended, uncherished... Lonely adds to solitary a suggestion of longing for companionship, while lonesome heightens the suggestion of sadness; forlorn and desolate are even more isolated and sad."

Forlorn and desolate will have to do I suppose. Those are the closest I could get. Only they don't quite say it either... What is a word that means lonely and longing for the one person you can't have?

Friday, December 02, 2011

I've Just Gotta Show You Something

We had the kids' parent teacher interviews this week. At Sam's interview this picture was in his portfolio. I did a double take and then begged his teacher to let me take it home with me that day. (Okay, I didn't beg, I just asked and she said yes, but I would have begged if I'd had to.)

Anyways, I think it's one of my favourite pictures ever. Sam is AWESOME.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Am The Champion... ... ... Of The Blog

Well, I made it. That's five years straight of Nablopomo. Sometimes I even impress myself, so I can't imagine how you must feel... SUPER impressed probably.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Tonight one of the girls I "chaperoned" on a trip to California came for a visit and we took the boys and me to see some ambulances and get a tour from the guy who showed up at my house when we called 911 on the day Nablopomo started. Confused? I'll explain.

Wait. First a picture.

That's Cathleen. I chaperoned for Youth For Christ's California Breakaway in 2002. Cathleen was in the group of 7 girls I was uhhhh... in charge? of. I like to think I was in charge, but I probably wasn't. It didn't matter who was in charge though because I had the BEST group of girls EVER. Oh man. We had so much fun. Disney and Sea World and Universal Studios and Six Flags and lots of malls. And some beaches. And then some more malls. But mostly just hanging out with the girls. SO fun. Anyways, a few years ago Facebook worked it's magic and the rest is history.

Here's another picture.

That guy in between Ben and Sam is one of the EMS people who showed up when Glen called 911 because we were pretty sure we couldn't get me to the hospital in our van the morning I broke my ankle. He rode with me in the ambulance, and asked me what my kids dressed up as for Halloween in an effort to distract me from my pain. It didn't work. So he told me a story about the day he got the flu shot and had to do CPR with his sore arm, and his other arm obviously, for 45 minutes. That did the job and got me calmed down.

The next day I was in the hospital in Regina, and of course I posted about it on Facebook, and Cathleen lives in Regina so she came to see me. She's an EMT. And we were laughing about this guy trying to calm me down in the ambulance. And then I told her the story of the flu shot, and what do you know? The same thing happened to one of her friends who is an EMT in Yorkton, which of course would be way too big of a coincidence so we knew her friend was my own distracting EMT.

And she was in town visiting him this weekend, so they took us for a tour of the ambulance place and let the boys turn on the lights and check out the inside of the ambulances. What a nice coincidence.

Isn't how life works out nifty sometimes?

Oh yeah. And Cathleen was working the 911 call center that day. She wasn't the person who picked up, but she heard the call. She assures me that the sound of me screaming in the background was "cute". She also said she had fun Christmas shopping with the family at Walmart tonight, so I'm not sure I can take her word for it. I want a recording. Bad.

Monday, November 28, 2011


I've been following this blog for a while now. Ever since Kristian posted this video for his wife Rachel's birthday on YouTube:

Kristian reminds me of my dad in some ways. One way, of course, is the cancer. The other ways... His trust in God, his deep love of his family, his hope, his courage and strength, his love of life. I read the things he says and it's like I can hear dad. Kristian wrote down a lot of his struggles and his triumphs throughout his fight, and so often I felt like he was giving me a look into what my dad would have been feeling.

Now he's dying. He's dying and he has two little boys and a wife that he loves so much and it's breaking my heart. I know I don't really know him. I know I've only ever known him through what he chooses to share on his blog, but I think about him every day and I can't believe he's dying. I thought he was going to beat it. I thought I was going to watch him fight this battle with the cancer I hate, and I thought he would beat it with God's help.

I just don't understand.

Anyways, someone posted this song in the comments section for Kristian. It helps a little, but not a lot.

Pray for him. And his family. The world is losing another amazing husband and dad to stupid STUPID cancer, and it's just not fair.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sister Wives: I Can Relate

I'm watching Sister Wives. I'd have a harder time confessing this if I didn't know lots of you are watching it too. I can't help myself. It's fascinating.

And do you know what? I don't think polygamy be illegal. I think people should be allowed to choose who they want to marry, and even how many people they want to marry. Don't get me wrong. I think it's CRAZY. I even think it's wrong. But I don't think it should be illegal. Just like I don't think homosexual marriage should be illegal.

The thing is, I don't want anyone to tell me what to believe. I would never tolerate someone telling me that they believe my lifestyle is wrong and that I'm not allowed to make my own choices. I'm an adult. Aside from obviously criminal activities, it's not the government's job to make moral choices for me.

So why is it the government's job to make moral decisions for other people who believe differently than I do? What I see on Sister Wives isn't criminal. The choices they are making for their family are not choices I agree with, but even I can see that their family is not so different from mine. They love their children, they love their god, and they have thoughtfully made conscious choices for their family based on what they believe is good and right. That's a lot more than a lot of people who live "normal" lifestyles can say for themselves.

Oh, I know there are examples of people who think they are doing what is good and right (or at least they say that's why they're doing things) who are pure evil. I'm thinking spefically of Warren Jeffs right now, but there are examples of people like him in every walk of life everywhere in the world. I know that he would argue he isn't doing anything wrong either, and that he should be allowed to make his own choices too. And some people could argue it's a slippery slope... But the big difference that I see is that he (and others like him) is making choices that harm other people, children especially. And the government absolutely should step in to protect others from his choices.

Anyways. That got longer than I planned...

They hardly lost any weight this episode. Poor sister wives. I know how that feels. But I don't know how it feels to have my choices taken away from me and my lifestyle condemned by the government. I don't think that's right. (Just like I don't think it's right that you work and work and watch what you eat and only lose 4 lbs. Brutal.)

What do you think?

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I forgot to post yesterday. Here's why:

Don't worry. I'll go fix it.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Time for another song 30 day challenge song.

Day 16: A song you used to love, but now you hate.

I don't think there are any songs I used to love and actually hate now, but I can sure tell you one that I loved when it first came out and am really sick of now...

Church people love to sing the crap out of certain songs and just suck the life right out of them. I could name some more just like this, but I'm sure everyone who goes to church has their own version.

(There. It's like it never happened.)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I. Said. NO.

People. I have a question for you.

How would you feel about your mother-in-law folding your panties? Folding. Your panties.

How about if you had told her to leave the laundry alone specifically because you didn't want her even seeing your panties, much less touching them and fricking folding them?

And it's not as if I can't fold laundry. Glen brings it to me, and I fold it. Easy. Or it would be if the MIL didn't ignore what we tell her and rush in there and get it before we can.

She doesn't listen to a word Glen or I say. She's one of those people who would tell you, "No thank you, I'm fine," if you offered her some pie and she really wanted some, but she doesn't want to put you to any trouble. So she thinks we're doing that too. All the time. It doesn't matter how many times we tell her not to do something, she thinks we're lying and we just don't want her to go to any trouble. Add this to the fact that the woman feels that she literally MUST work every single waking moment of every single day and you have yourself a person who will not take no for an answer.

I am so ready for her to leave. I don't care if we all starve, the house turns into a sty, and I have to beat the children with my crutches to get them to listen to me. (Hannah runs from me if she doesn't want to go where I want her to go. She loves that I can't pick her up and take her places. Two-year-olds are really hard to manage when you can't just grab them.)

It doesn't matter. I don't care. She. MUST. Leave.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I almost forgot to post. I had the lights out and everything, and I couldn't sleep, so I looked at the clock to see what time it was, and... Ahhhh!

So... What to post? Raise your hand if you think this is my lamest NaBloPoMo ever? *raises hand*

It'll have to be another Thirty Day Song Challenge. Sorry.

Day 15: A song that describes you.

Well. That was easy.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Boreder and Boreder

You would think that being this bored would lead to fantastically creative posts. I have so much time on my hands, I should be able to come up with something better than this...

Day 14: A song no one would expect you to love.

I didn't know what to pick for this, because I'm pretty predictable in what I like and dislike. Lady Gaga is probably the closest I could get to surprising all of you, so I picked a song that no one would expect anyone to love because pretty much everyone hates opera. Not me though. I love opera. Especially this one. The Marriage of Figaro is hilarious. Trust me. And it has some of my favourite music ever written in it. I heart Mozart.

And another post is written, just like that. I have officially reached that stage of boredom where even though you probably could find something interesting (and maybe even useful) to do, you're too bored to do it. I remember this well from my teen years.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Squeaky Wheel Gets The Pizza

Glen's sick now.

Sam got sick the night after I did, so it looks like Taco Time wasn't the culprit. I still won't be eating it again for a loooooong time though.

So, since neither of us are in any shape to make or even go and get supper for the family, I ordered Pizza Hut tonight. Delivery. We never get delivery because it takes way too long. They were 45 minutes late. Which wouldn't have bothered me as much if I hadn't called at 4pm to place a timed order for 6:15pm and we got our food three hours later at 7pm. So, obviously if you know anything at all about me, I called to complain.


Free supper. I'm glad I decided to get lots so no one has to make lunch for tomorrow.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I don't have it in me to post something interesting, so here comes another Thirty Day Song Challenge...

Day 13: A song that is a guilty pleasure.

I blame Glee for how totally and completely happy this song and video makes me.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fantastically Awful

That's how I'd describe Twilight: Breaking Dawn. If I'd never read the books I don't think I could have made it through, but since I have, and since (embarrassing confession) I really liked the books, I had a pretty good time at the movies tonight. I'd even say I got my money's worth.

It helped that parts of the movie that were meant to be dramatic and stirring could be cut and pasted unedited into a comedy, and people would laugh instead of stare transfixed by the heartrending story being played out onscreen. For real. I snorted. And not when I was supposed to.

Good times. Not as exciting as
last time, but still, goooooooood times.

Oh, and one more thing. I can't help it people. I'm still on team Edward. I think in large part because tonight I finally figured out who Jacob reminds me of:

Don't see it? How 'bout now?

Still not? All right, then how about... Now?

Really? Whatever. I see it. Which makes team Jacob a complete impossibility for me. Not because looking like my cousin Jack makes him ugly or anything, but just because it makes him look like... My cousin. Jack.

Friday, November 18, 2011

More Gory Details

Don't worry. There won't be any pictures with this post. Let's not even think about what they'd look like if I posted pictures to sum up the last 12 hours or so...

Last night when we got into town we stopped to pick up fast food because Mom thought we were an coming today and had nothing ready for supper. Glen and the kids got McDonald's. I wish I'd got McDonald's. (That's probably the first and only time I will ever say that.) I got Taco Time. BIG mistake.

When my ankle hurts a lot it makes me sort of nauseated, so when I went to bed that night that's what I assumed was causing me to feel so icky. Wrong. At around six in the morning I started throwing up and from then on it's just a blur of crutching back and forth to the bathroom and sitting on the toilet with a pot in my lap.

I cannot see a time when I'll be ready to risk putting a little spice in my life again anytime soon. What a brutal day.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Gory Details

Okay. This post is for people like Ang and Carrie who like things like staples and stitches and blood. It is not for people like Melissa who freak out over a few bruises and a bloody bandage. So don't scroll down unless you are the type of person who thinks pulling staples out of someone's leg would be fun. I wouldn't look either, but I had to get used to it because I have to clean it and put a sock on over top of it. The first time I accidentally saw it I burst into tears. Ang laughed and took this picture:

This is what it looks like now that staples are out. Icky. Sam hates it and wants me to keep it covered up. I wonder what the scar will look like...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Things That REALLY Cheer Me Up

Check. It. Out.

That's my ankle. And I took it to see the surgeon today. And he said I don't need a cast if I promise that I won't put any weight on it till I see him in a month.

Obviously, I promised.

You have no idea how happy I am right now. Aside from the obvious stuck in bed and unable to do anything part, the cast was the part I was most dreading. Now, tomorrow I can take off that bandage and have a bath. And post a gruesome picture(s) of the incision. (Melissa, consider yourself warned. I'll be sure to leave a big space so you have to scroll down to see it in case you accidentally click your way onto my site.)

Next time I break my ankle I'm totally breaking it bad enough that it needs screws and a plate to hold it together so I don't have to have a cast. Score!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Things That Cheer Me Up

Sometimes it's easy to feel down with 12 weeks of recovery in front of me, stuck in my bed with my ankle throbbing all day, but some things make it hard.

Company :)




So I made it through the first two weeks post op. and it wasn't too bad. Mostly because I had family and friends taking care of me and sending me junk if they couldn't come themselves. I'm a lucky girl.

(Here's hoping my luck holds out through tomorrow when I get my new cast. I reaaaaally don't want a real cast. I'm hoping maybe I'll get one of those boot things instead. I'll let you know how it turns out tomorrow.)

Monday, November 14, 2011


It's almost midnight! And by the time I post this it probably will be. Whoops.

So let's just quickly look at another 30 day song challenge...

Day 12: A Song From a Band You Hate

Well, that's an easy one. Just go on YouTube and put "heavy metal" in the search box and the bands that pop up? I hate them. I'm not even going to post one because I don't want that trash on my site.

There. That was fast.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


It's REALLY hard to write blog posts when Ang is here. We're watching Being Erica. Ang is knitting me a sock for my cast foot so my toes don't get cold. I dug out the cross stitch I've been working on for the last ten years or so that I got at a Braun family Christmas gift exchange. Ang ate too many chips today, I ate just the right amount, but probably too much pumpkin loaf from Melissa. Glen's mom went home, I sent her a bouquet of flowers as a thank you. (For going home. lol. KIDDING!)

Awe man. She just put the knitting aside because it's frustrating her.

So that's about it. Ang is staying till Tuesday, which is awesome because then she'll get to see the boys do taikwondo tomorrow. On Wednesday it's off to Regina to get a new cast. I'm hoping it won't be a real cast. And on Thursday we go to Martensville for the weekend. I'm getting my hair done and going to see the new Twilight movie.

There. Lamest post ever. I hate newsy posts. I'm really tempted to backspace the whole thing, but I'm gonna quick post it before I do.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Got Nothin'

So, in lieu times two...

I'm skipping by Day 10: A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep (I'll tell you why later.)
And I present you with Day 11: A Song From Your Favourite Band. This one was a toughy because I don't usually listen to "bands". I like certain singers and songs, but honestly, I couldn't think of a single band that I've ever liked more than any other...

Till suddenly, I remembered. There was this one band that I really loved with all my heart way back in high school and still get excited about if I happen to be somewhere they show up to play.

Marching band! I miss those days, those were some geeky good times.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Can't Talk Now

Ang is here.

So, in lieu of a real post I give you the return of Thirty Day Thursdays.

Day Nine: A Song You Can Dance To... And boy did I. I don't think anyone in our house actually watched the show, but I always made sure to catch the opening credits.

I wish I didn't have a cast on.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Couldn't Resist

First of all, here's a picture for Carrie of what my toes look like when I get out of bed long enough to go to the bathroom. They're a little purpler in real life. It's disturbing. How come they do that? Why does the blood go to one side and not the other? I should google it. I've got the time.

After I stood long enough to take this picture my leg felt like maybe all the blood inside it was going to finally actually cause my skin to split and I just couldn't resist checking...

So there it is. Ang wanted to see it, so I figured just in case she doesn't make it here this weekend I should take a picture for her. All that stuff that looks like dirt are bruises. They look a lot worse without a flash lighting up my leg, but I couldn't get a better picture, so if Ang wants to see all the glorious shades of green and brown and purple she'll just have to come. No wonder my whole leg hurts.

If you click on the pictures to biggify them
(I don't recomend it though, my leg is getting pretty hairy) you can even see one staple peaking out at the top of the gauze that I was way too chicken to peak under. Plus it's kind of stuck down. Icky. Bruises fascinate me. Incisions freak the crap out of me, and this one goes the whole length of that bandage. I am going to have a pretty cool scar.

Here's the other side. Not so bad, just a little bruised and swollen, but most of the really bad stuff happened on the other side.

Ahhhhhhh... Oh man that felt gooooooooood. I might unwrap it again tonight for a bit. Don't tell my doctor. (I am going to hate getting a real cast next week.)

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

No Pressure

Things are still pretty boring over here. So, since all I've got talk about is how the toes on my broken foot are a totally different colour than the toes on my normal foot, I'm just going to send all of you over to Melissa's blog. Her day was super exciting and I'm hoping she'll post about it. So head over there to wait with me for it.

Don't let us down Melissa!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I Am SO Bored

Yesterday my doctor told me I should expect that the swelling in my ankle won't go down any time soon. He said it could easily be two weeks.

TWO WEEKS till I can be upright longer than a few minutes? Two weeks till crtuching my way to the bathroom isn't almost too much for me.

It's only TUESDAY.

And season four of the show I was watching is dumb.

So I sent Glen to the store to buy the kids (me) a Wii for Christmas (to take me through the next few weeks). I hope it helps. Because this is the longest week ever. And it's only TUESDAY.

Monday, November 07, 2011

I use them for propping up my ankle...

I finished all the episodes of Community on Netflix. (Doggone it. I wish there were more. I love that show.) So this is what I've been watching all day:

Well, not just this clip. That would get boring. This show. It's pretty funny, but I have to be ready to pause it anytime my MIL or kids come into my room.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

This Is Stupid

I just wrote and deleted a post about how things have gone from bad to worse in the last few hours. It started getting kind of long, but this is the gist of it: I am going insane trapped up in my room on my back with my MIL (mother-in-law) presiding over the chaos downstairs. Hannah keeps escaping and hiding in my room and crying when Glen's mom comes to get her. If this frickin' swelling would just give me a break already so I could at least sit up for a while... I want this to be over.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

So. Much. Pain.

I know, I know... I said I wouldn't talk about my ankle, but I seriously can't think about anything else right now. The worst thing is that if I put my foot down for much longer than ten seconds it feels like it's going to explode. It's so swollen and sore and I can't take any anti-inflammatories and my cast is too thick for ice to do any good. Did you know anti-inflammatories inhibit bone growth? Me neither. Frick. Frick frickin frick.

And I know we women like to tell you men that there is nothing more painful than having a baby, but this has taught me that there is always a new definition for 10/10 on the pain scale. I expect I will feel better in a few days, but right now I swear I can feel every staple pulling at my skin. I need the swelling to go down. And I need these pain meds to work long enough to get me to the next dose instead of konking out an hour or two before I can take them again.

I wish I could go back to the hospital. Because here at home even going to the washroom is a nightmare. I want to go back to where there is an adjustable bed, and a little table that swings over my lap, and nurses shooting narcotics into my IV line, and bedpans. Seriously. I'm thinking back with fond memories of a bedpan. Pathetic. This is brutal.

I have never felt more miserable. And tomorrow Glen's mom gets here.

Friday, November 04, 2011

It's Already Friday?

What a waste of a week.

Honestly, who of you would think it would take FOUR DAYS to fix a broken ankle? Because I wouldn't have thought that. I would have thought that it would be fixed the same day it was broken.

Of course, I also would have thought that you would be given some serious pain killers before someone straightened a broken ankle twisted more than forty five degrees in the wrong direction, but that shows what I know. Not much.

I also didn't know how great my friends are. I have some pretty great friends. And my poor husband was also great... Crawling along on the ground in front of me holding my cast up so it wouldn't pull on my messed up bones while I crutched my way to the washroom or up the stairs or where ever.




Holy crap. My knee just spasmed. I scared the daylights out of Glen, who came running to see what new horrible injury I'd just given myself.

My poor hip and knee took a lot of abuse the last few days lugging around the retarded cast that they made me in Yorkton. At some points they hurt as bad as the break did. Aside from being ridiculously heavy, that cast was put on in such a stupid way that the nurses had to pry it open (after they FINALLY got the doctor's permission) in the middle of the night on Wednesday because it was way too tight. Of course, that left my bones able to shift around freely the rest of the night and all of Thursday morning, which wasn't really any better.
.. Although it did make my toes a little less numb and a little less blue.

Oh man, so many terrible memories. And I've only mentioned about half of them. I could go on, but I'm even boring myself, so I'm pretty sure I lost all but the most loyal of you somewhere in the middle of the second post. I promise tomorrow to write something totally unrelated to my stupid broken ankle.

(I still can't believe I started this week with a perfectly good one, and now I'm sitting here looking at around 12 weeks in a cast. Blah. That's THREE MONTHS! I could grow a third of a baby in that time. My house is going to be a MESS. And I was going to finish painting my kitchen this week so it would be all nice for Ang's visit on the long weekend. LAME. This is lame. I am lame.)

Thursday, November 03, 2011

I Posted Again

And this is what happened Thursday...

That morning one of the nurses told me that it wasn't uncommon for patients to wait three days for surgery. I lost it a little then. I could MAYBE have waited patiently if my pain had been anywhere close to under control, but it wasn't. And all they kept doing was giving me more morphine. I had no idea a morning could last that long. Those poor nurses. I was a sobbing maniac and there was nothing they could do to help me.

FINALLY at around 1pm the doctor gave the nurses permission to give me hydromorph which is ten times stronger than morphine. Peace. That's what hydromorph means. I could have waited for days on that stuff. It turned out I only waited about ten minutes after that though. I was just finally falling asleep when the porter came for me. Of course.

So I had my surgery, and got to experience again that very odd feeling of being wide awake and talking in one room and two seconds later waking up in a whole new room with a whole new cast and all my bones put back into place and screwed together.

Then there were a few moments of intense agony while I waited for an injection to take effect, and then another injection, and then blessed relief, and some people watching in recovery. What a fun place. I could have stayed there longer. But all too soon it was back upstairs to my room and lots more fantastic pain killers. (Which weren't nearly so necessary now that my bones weren't in the wrong place and constantly shifting around in spite of the crap cast that the people in Yorkton put on me after turning my foot around to face forward again without warning me. That was a long sentence, but they made me suffer some long hours in agony.) I was also treated to some visitors and great nurses and some Taco Time, turning me back into the rational Becky who hadn't been seen since sometime on Wednesday afternoon.

And that was Thursday.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I Posted

For those who are curious and want more details about what happened Wednesday, besides me writing the title of this post, read on...

So, on this day, we got up at 5:30 and drove to Regina for an 8:30 appointment with an orthopedic surgeon who told me "I'll see you up in surgery in a couple hours." He also told me once the surgery was done "... in a couple hours," I'd be able to go home the same day. I didn't see him again for much longer than a couple hours, and he was wearing street clothes, not scrubs, when I did.

So... All day I waited on a stretcher in day surgery... In pain because I wasn't allowed to take any pain meds since my surgery would just be "... in a couple hours." The nurses kept thinking I'd be next since I'd been there the longest, and because that's what I'd been told by the doctor, but I wasn't next. By the end of the day I was crying. They were finally allowed to give me some morphine at around supper time when they admitted me to the ortho ward, but it didn't work nearly as well as the pills I had been taking the day before. Of course, I couldn't take anything by mouth anyways, in addition to the fact that new drugs would be coming after the surgery. Which, they told me, would absolutely happen in the early evening. By 11:30 that night, I was finally allowed to eat and drink, once it was confirmed by the OR that after all I wouldn't be going for surgery that day. So I quickly drank and ate as much as I could in half an hour to prepare for the next day's surgery. It was a loooooooong night. I won't go into details, but I hate morphine. It's total crap.

And that was Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Spiral Fracture

Four months. To the day! Yikes. Poor lonely blog.

Let's start out the way we ended. With a super fun photo summing up today's big events.

Ang would have liked it if I'd taken a photo of my ankle turned in a way that only Gumby's ankle should turn, and honestly, it DID occur to me... But even crazy-camera Becky has her limits.

On the upside, this will probably leave me LOTS of time for NaBloPoMo.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Oh Canada!

Once again, Canada Day proves to be one of our family's favourite fun days of the year here in Yorkton, our home and native land. The first thing Ben asked me this morning was if I would dress him in a Canada shirt "since it's Canada Day!"

(You'd think Ben would know me better by now, wouldn't you?)

True patriot love!

Once we were all appropriately garbed, (all thy sons command) we were off to the WDM here in Yorkton for the annual Canada Day picnic. The kids always have such a great time. There are rides on an antique firetruck, a hay wagon, a horse pulled wagon, and an antique school bus. And we got there early enough that we didn't have to wait in line for very long at all.

With glowing hearts!

And, then there's the thing Sammy has been waiting for since last summer and talking about since the snow first started melting...

That's Sam enjoying the breathtaking beauty of Mount Curly Fries, majestically situated beside the tasty red waters of Ketchup Lake. We see thee rise...

There are always lots of games and things for the kids to do. They had SO much fun.

The true north strong and free. :)

Then it was home with some friends for paddling pool fun, a BBQ, and kite flying. Then a quick trip to Walmart so Ben could buy some Pokemon cards, and finally... God keep our land, (from being burned down by preschoolers with giant sparklers) it was time for fireworks!

I thought they might be too scared to hold them, but I should have known better.
Glorious and free baby!

Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm a Pain in the A$$

This is a long one. And I'm mostly posting it for Ang who missed all the action because, unlike yours truly, she has a life outside of facebook...

It all started with me being choked that Canada Post won't allow their workers to work overtime to catch up on all the deliveries they missed during the strike, and more importantly lockout. Which I wouldn't care about as much if I wasn't waiting for my sports bra.

Canada Post deleted the only link I could find to email them when they locked out their workers. And it was too late to phone. (Don't worry, I called them the next day.) So I went on facebook to find a place to rant. (Which actually has a purpose besides venting, since I'm sure their public relations people must monitor facebook and places like it.)

Anywho... I posted the following post and a link to a CBC news story on an "I hate Canada Post" page:

Becky Willems
I am REALLY starting to HATE Canada Post. They have no interest in their staff or the Canadian public.
"Some carriers complained they were not allowed to work overtime to restore service faster. Canada Post, however, said it’s too early to know if overtime is needed."
Too soon?!?!?! Our mail is weeks late already you jerks. Pay out some frickin' overtime.
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Then some other people posted some comments. (Feel free to skim.)

Angela Angelas do you really want them banking in on the strike? i don't. i'd rather wait than let them make even more undeserved $$
Yesterday at 00:51 · Like · 1 person
Ronda Harrison Seriously? You are blaming the workers for this???!!
Yesterday at 00:53 · Like · 1 person
Ronda Harrison Workers putting money into a pension for years and then being told that they don't have one because management screwed up. Then they are told they have to make less per hour and then they are locked out. You are blaming the workers. Awesome.
Yesterday at 00:56 · Like
Angela Angelas
blaming the workers? kind of. i can't think of a single canadian i know personally around my age that has guaranteed pension. doesn't just about everybody pay into it - how many are GUARANTEED to have it (that do not work at canada post)?
same in the states. you pay social security from job 1 till the end; you're still not guaranteed to get social security benefits.
why are postal workers held in higher regard than rest of the workers in the country? after all, it's well documented that they're working for a dying company; right?
the latest proposition was for NEW HIREES, not current. current staff making the outrageous $23+/hr were safe. anyone hired after the deal was signed/accepted would be let in at a different rate. what's so bad about that? it's a business trying to compete without going bankrupt.
Yesterday at 02:35 · Like
Sylvia J. Wilson They cannot take away your pension. What they offered was you had to work until age 60 instead of 55 in order to get it. They CAN'T touch or reduce existing workers wages only new hirees. If there'd been no strike, there would have been no lockout. The blame has to shared.
Yesterday at 06:42 · Like
Sylvia J. Wilson The workers voted yes to the strike or the Union couldn't have proceeded to start with.
Yesterday at 06:43 · Like
Becky Willems The difference is the workers cared enough about the customers to only impose rolling strikes. Canada Post locked them out, and now won't even let them work overtime to make up some of the lost time.
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Then Sylvia posted about four more comments, and since I was already sick of reading her literally (seriously, go look, LITERALLY) hundreds of comments on any page relating to Canada Post anywhere I responded:

Becky Willems All right Sylvia. We heard you. EVERYONE has heard you over and over. I started reading your insane amount of comments over on the Canada Post page and I'm pretty much done. I'm not even reading your comments anymore. Just deleting them. But feel free to keep posting them here... It gives me something to do.
Yesterday at 09:54 · Like
Becky Willems lol. This is fun. Do it again.
Yesterday at 09:56 · Like
Becky Willems Not even reading it. lol
Yesterday at 10:01 · Like
Ronda Harrison Lol, Becky! Love it!
Yesterday at 10:21 · Like
Angela Angelas sylvia, when they begin to ignore you that's when you know you hit a chord that they can't argue with. :) keep it up!!
Yesterday at 14:48 · Like · 1 person
Becky Willems Nope. It means it has become more fun to delete the same arguments over and over than it is to read them. (You'll notice I left her original arguments there.) But by all means, like Angela says, keep it up!!!
Yesterday at 15:13 · Like · 1 person
Becky Willems And another one bites the dust!
Yesterday at 15:13 · Like · 1 person
Becky Willems And another!
Yesterday at 15:13 · Like · 1 person
Becky Willems Weeeeee!
Yesterday at 15:13 · Like · 1 person
Becky Willems lol
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This ticked off Sylvia in a big way and started up a (unbeknownst to me) firestorm of ranting and conspiracy theories over on the "I hate Canada Post" page. (Denita clued me in this morning. She has my undying gratitude as this allowed me to drag out one day's worth of amusement into two.)

Sylvia J. Wilson
Becky Willems. Are you the administrator on this page?
Angela Angelas if she is and she's deleting your comments, i'm confused as to why she made a "i hate canada post" page.

This is funny because I actually don't totally disagree with Sylvia on all of her points. Her know-it-all style blabbing just annoyed me to no end. I'm not sure why that's so confusing. I thought I'd made myself perfectly clear...

Sylvia J. Wilson I agree with you Angela. She can't even answer a simple yes or no whether she is an administrator on this page. Therefore, she can continue to play her little game all she wants. However, I won't lower myself to play with her. Therefore, I will no longer be posting on this page.

15 hours ago ·
Angela Angelas that's a shame. there were very valid points mentioned throughout the page. i noticed all of the union member posts are gone, too.
14 hours ago · · 2 people
I hate Canada Post I'm the administrator, not this Becky girl, and I have not removed any post. I will look in to what post are missing. please let me know if it keeps happening and I'll remove who's needs to be removed. sorry that you were having troubles with my page :(
3 hours ago

LOLOLOLOL. So many things to mock, so little time...
"Who's." Oh man.

Sylvia J. Wilson Let us know how you make out. If she is not the administrator she has to be removing them by marking them as spam.
2 hours ago ·
Becky Willems You poor confused people.
I did not do anything sneaky, I'm not some kind of super smart hacker. Here's a little facebook tutorial for you:
You can remove any COMMENT written on anything YOU post on any page on facebook. You can't remove other people's POSTS unless you own the page. For example: "I hate Canada Post" was able to delete my original post because they own the page, and I was able to delete Sylvia's comments because I posted the link. Their page, their choice to delete posts, comments, whatever... My link, my post, my choice to delete comments.
Now, to complete the lesson, you can try it out Sylvia since this is a comment on YOUR post!
Don't worry, I won't take it personally. Honestly, if I'd known how sensitive you all were I might have reconsidered before clicking that first X. (lol. Hope that helps.)

Except, of course, I wouldn't have reconsidered. I just said that to make them feel better, and then I ruined it by writing lol. If I thought I could somehow find another Sylvia, I'd go do it all over again on another page... Now things get a little mixed up as they were writing lots of things on lots of different posts. This one comes next I think:

I hate Canada Post
it has been brought to my attention that some ppl are having post removed I'm not sure how this is happening as I am not doing it, but I will be looking into it, and if anyone is removing others posts they will be removed from this page. this page is ment to allow free speach on the whole Canada post Drama, and that's it...
3 hours ago
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I find the grammatical errors here very amusing when paired with the lofty ideals expressed. I also find it very amusing that a page entitled "I hate Canada Post" was set up to allow free "speach". That's just good stuff. Here are the comments that resulted:

Carol-Ann Drummond maybe some postie lost them.
3 hours ago
Sylvia J. Wilson
I had several of my posts deleted on the comment thread following this post. Becky herself claims she is deleting them.

Yes. Yes, I do.

At this point Sylvia copies and pastes my post and the resulting comments that you just read above, except for the ones that she and Angela Anglelas (who names their kid that?) wrote and I left up. Then she writes another comment, and another, because that's how she rolls...

Sylvia J. Wilson
I had several posts in between her comments, that are now gone.
Sylvia J. Wilson
I'm open to discussion and debate over these issues, but I don't have time for childish games.
about an hour ago

Nope. She's much too busy. And probably important.

Then I, alerted by Denita, came on the scene. The following comment was actually the first reply I wrote to them, not the one you just read. The one you just read was written after I scanned down the page and realized the full scope of the situation.

Becky Willems
"I hate Canada Post?" The REASON I could delete her comments is because it was MY post not yours. But honestly, I don't really care, you can delete this one too and let Sylvia continue to monopolize the conversations on the Canada Post sit
...e, and now this one. I just wanted a place to rant, not get into a huge nasty debate like over on the Canada Post page.
And Sylvia? ( lol) Life must be hard when you have no sense of humour. Feel free to comment back to this three or four or seven times, as is your policy. I won't be reading it. I wouldn't have even seen this if a friend hadn't pointed it out to me. I DO have time for childish games (LOVE THEM! I'm just about to sit down to a game of Candyland!) but not for getting all worked up over a facebook post. It's just not worth it.
(P.S. Thanks for the hours of entertainment you've provided me with, including this one.)

I was expecting them to block me from the page at this point. Lucky for me they didn't, because I had the chance to post one last comment on a post that Sylvia has put up (now numerous times) on the page about a new page that someone (her?) started. Because this one wasn't cutting it. Neither was the Canada Post one. There needs to be LOTS of pages. This is a critical topic. CRITICAL people.

Sylvia J. Wilson
Canada Post / Union Dispute Opinions
This page is open to discussion on both sides (for or against) The Union or Canada Post's decision to lockout workers during the rotating strike. Please keep it clean - direct attacks will be deleted. This page is for friendly debate only!
Sylvia J. Wilson This is a new page. It has administrators that monitor it daily. They are not with Canada Post or CUPW. Just concerned Canadian Citizens.
37 minutes ago ·
Becky Willems
lol. Way to teach me a lesson Sylvia! You go girl!

There's more happening over on the hate page, I took a peak before I wrote this. And I'm still not blocked, I'm not sure why, I'm wondering if they don't know how? (Maybe another tutorial? No? Yes?) I've managed to stir up quite the ruckus with my wild deleting of comments. Sadly, they deleted the post I wrote
(well, I did kind of dare them) explaining how I was able to do that because they're still in a bit of a dither, and I think maybe they could all calm down if they knew exactly how I managed my act of terrorism. (I read one girl's comment about how people might not feel safe posting on that page now for fear of being mocked, which was probably my favourite comment of the day.)

It was fun times, it's true, but it's probably for the best that there aren't that many Sylvias out there patrolling the hate pages for the greater good and my amusement. I don't think being able to make such a huge pain of myself so easily can possibly be good for me. It could end up being really addicting and who knows where I'd draw the line? Moustaches on those huge billboard real estate agent ads? Just randomly walking around on grass with "Keep Off The Grass" signs? Where does it stop?

Yes, I should probably take a little break from pissing off people on purpose and for no good reason other than my own entertainment. None of us would want that to become a habit. (It's much better that I stick to doing it unintentionally.) But till then, happy trails to you Sylvia, until we meet again.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


There comes a point in every parent's life, when they realize that someone could be secretly video taping them. Has that happened to you yet? You're out in public with your child and they are making you crazy for one reason or another, and you just... can't... seem... to get control of the situation. And this image pops into your brain of your neighbour shaking his head while he gets the video camera, and then the video hitting YouTube, and suddenly you're on the news trying to explain why you were making your child cry hysterically while "teaching" him to ride a bike.

Not that I've ever felt that, or thought that. Oh no, I've never wailed in frustration in the middle of the street, panting and sweaty from running, and frustrated, "BEN!!! JUST!!! BALANCE!!! WHY CAN'T YOU BALANCE?!?!" I've never reduced my seven-year-old to tears by telling him that I learned to ride a bike when I was four, and that everyone can do this, so he certainly CAN do it, and "STOP SAYING YOU CAN'T!!"

Actually, wait. Yeah. I did do that.

Luckily, at that moment the image of me on the news tearfully pleading with the public to stop sending me hate mail popped into my head. So Ben and I took a break. I told him it was okay, and it wasn't his fault, and that Mommy was sorry for making him cry and I would find a better way for him to learn to ride a bike.

Then I went straight inside and typed "how to teach your kid to ride a bike without training wheels" into google. (Ah google, how I love you.) I found
this page right off the top. Scroll down to the part about the undersized bike approach. (We'd tried the running, obviously. And in case you're judging me, or this somehow ends up on the news, let me tell you: Ben has the worst sense of balance. Pushing him on that bike is exactly what I imagine pushing a corpse on a bike would be like. And we needed immediate results to redeem the situation. We had no time for gradually raising the training wheels.)

Also luckily, Sammy has the perfect bike for this approach. So after a bit more research, including a YouTube video on how to remove pedals, they have EVERYTHING on there, and then after some tinkering... Ben was ready to try coasting down the driveway on Sam's tiny, and now pedal-less bike. And it worked! Fabulously! And he had so much fun!

Well, not at first. At first he could barely "coast" a foot or two, and he got a bit frustrated, but after a few tries he got a few feet further, and that was it. He was hooked, and Mommy got to sit in a lawn chair cheering him on. And within a few days of practice, involving Sam with sidewalk chalk marking off how far he went on each attempt, Ben could push off from the top of our driveway and balance all the way to the bottom without touching his feet to the ground. And today was the day we put him back on his bike to try balancing and pedalling at the same time.

Check it out:

(Ang, I promise I don't run like that when I'm running. Promise. Also, the sports bra is ordered and in the mail. Postal workers, don't fail me now!)

Thursday, June 09, 2011

That Girl's a Running Fool

Okay. I would have sworn that this couldn't happen, in fact... HOW did this happen?

But I've been running. And not hating it. I started with walking. My top speed was 3.5 miles an hour. I never walk 3.5 miles an hour now. That's way too slow. Now my resting speed is 3.7 or 3.8 miles an hour. And lately I've been actually running. When I st
arted running I could run for one or two minutes at a time, and that's it. Then a week ago I made it to ten minutes. Tonight I was hoping to make it twenty minutes, but when I got there... I did ten more. THIRTY MINUTES! And I could have probably ran more! I wasn't dying!

I really don't know how this happened, because I hate exercise... Scratch that. I hatED exercise. My whole life I've hated exercise. And somewhere along the way I started almost sort of LIKING it. I love my treadmill. It's changing my life. It helps that I have goals. I'm more excited about being a runner than losing weight, which, let me tell you, is bizarre. I wonder if it's possible that I was kidnapped by aliens and replaced with a clone of myself and I didn't notice?

I just wish my dad was here to see it. I wish he could come with me to Calgary this summer to see my try to fun my first 10k. I know it would have blown his mind the way it's blowing mine. Because this is not like me. I know he'd have loved to see me run with Ang, or behind Ang anyways. lol.

What will I do next? No one knows. Not even me. But for now, the original Becky can eat the new-and-improved-clone Becky's dust.

(Sorry about the picture. Shirley said she needed proof. That's me about twenty minutes in. I don't know what I'm doing with my fingers, but it's hard to run and smile and wave and tell Glen what to do with the camera at the same time. Also, at some point I'm going to have to get some running clothes that can be seen in public. )

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sunday is Funday: Five

I forgot I have a blog for a while there. Whoops.

Today we had some friends over for a belated b-day party for their kids and ours. Because we missed their kids' birthday and they missed ours. It was mucho fun. I think this should become an annual event.

I love them. After they left (and after I got back from following them home to their house to get a free new bike for Hannah) I just felt so grateful. We have lovely friends. (LOTS of lovely friends.) And these particular friends are always there for us.

You know friends who come into your life that turn into a second family? That's what these friends are. I love them and I trust them the same way I trust my own family. I'm sure I drive them crazy sometimes, but they put up with me and rescue me when I need it. (Way too many times lately.) And we have so much fun together. And I love watching our kids grow up together. They love each other too. So being with them is pretty much totally fantastic.

So that's all this post is. A bit of a gush about how happy my friends make me, and how grateful I am to have them in my life. I'm very grateful, they are in every way a blessing in my life.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

She's Back!

That Amber. She's a genius I tell you. All she has to do is offer up a prize and I am putting up free advertising all over the place.

But seriously, I'm doing all of us a favour, because she makes seriously cute stuff. Look at the adorable aprons and hats we got from her! And she has FANTASTIC customer service. And she will customize almost anything you can dream up. And when her stuff comes in the mail she packs it up so cute you almost don't want to open it. Trust me. You'll thank me if you order something from her. And you can find her adorable things here:

Or here:

Or even here:

I'm so glad she's open again!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Your Work on Earth

Hi Dadaloo. I called your work again today. This time I talked to Brenda, not just some guy who never even knew you. She thinks your stuff may all still be there hanging on the walls in your office.

As soon as I heard her voice I burst into tears. Poor Brenda. I couldn't even explain why. Maybe because it was nice to hear the voice of someone who knew you and loved you too, because I remember calling you at work and talking to her, because she said they had all just been talking about you this week, because she asked about the boys and it reminded me of how proud you were of them and how many stories you made them listen to about them, because I know that you still had it in your head that you were going to go back to work there.

Or maybe because it reminded me that you were here. You were here and now you're not and I miss you so bad. And because if I go down there to get your stuff I know the pictures of the boys will be of them so young, and there won't be any of Abbey and Hannah. Or Nathaniel. And it hurts that you've missed so much already.

Probably because of all of those things all at once. But now I can't stop crying.

It still seems like a huge mistake that you're not here with us. Working for a living. Coming home with crazy stories about something the new guy did. And putting up new pictures of your grandkids in your office at the grain terminal.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Thirty Day Thursday: Eight (Late)

(But it's not my fault I'm late because Blogger was down yesterday.)

Here it is: A song I know all the words to.

I know all the words to A LOT of songs. Like A VERY BIG LOT. Seriously. I was trying to think of how many songs and it was getting to a crazy high number that seemed unbelievable even to me, who knows all the words to lots of songs.

This one is one of my favourites to sing... Especially to the version on Concert in the Park. It's a little faster, and funner. (Let me just say here, that the people who got to go to either of the concerts in the park were lucky bastards.)

I also picked it because seriously, I think this may be the best music video of ALL TIME.
Of. All. Time.
So enjoy it. And sing along if you know all the words.

Chevy knows all the words too.

(Also, Mabel please tell me Scotty has seen this before, and if he hasn't, would you consider video taping him watching it for the first time and post it somewhere for Glen and me? We're pretty sure the video of Scotty watching it may be almost as funny as the video itself.)

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Thirty Day Thursday: Seven

A song that reminds you of a certain event:

Is a honeymoon an event? Who cares. I'm doing it.This song always makes me think of our honeymoon... Sitting on a cooler at the wheel of the houseboat, eating all-dressed chips, and drinking Pepsi with this playing over the boat's stereo system... Heading for the floating store.