Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday is Funday: Four

She'd do this for HOURS I'm sure. I love it too, but I get tired of it after about the seventh time. She comes running from wherever she is in the house when she hears the music playing... Just like I used to when... But I'll save that story for another time. ;)


  1. That's REALLY cute. Sheesh.


  2. LOL

    Are you trying to raise a little evolutionist? SO CUTE.

  3. So cute. My Keri used to run from where ever in the house she was to listen to commercials. Any kind of commercial. She loved commercials. Still does and gets mad at me because I mute them. She is always saying, "Welll, if you would LISTEN to the commercials some times..."


    Okie, dokie. Nighty dighti. See you in the morning.