I'm home... I wish she was.

Tonite my dad and I took in a concert at a street mission in downtown Saskatoon. When we arrived there was this pretty young girl sitting on a wall along the sidewalk, her high heels on the pavement beside her, rubbing her feet. My heart sank within me. A prostitute, literally one block away from salvation. She was still there two hours later when we came out, or maybe she wasn't still there... maybe she was back from wherever she had been taken by some man. I hate to even think of it. She was walking slowly ahead of us... I was so relieved when we didn't catch her before we got to our car. I couldn't face her. I was already crying...
I wanted to grab her and take her home. I wanted to ask her, "What can I do to help you? Tell me what it would take to help you stop having to do this..." I don't know, maybe I should have, tears and all... I'm such a coward.

As we drove away I thought, "Why her God? Why not me? Why did I get to be born into my family and she was born into hers?" I thought about what my life would be like if I had been given her life instead of mine. What about her Mom out there somewhere? When she was born her Mom didn't hold her perfect baby in her arms and wish for a life of desperation and despair for her child. No mother ever hopes her child would one day walk the streets with herself for sale... to anyone who wants her. I can't stop seeing her massaging her aching feet... then later wandering up and down the sidewalk... I've never seen prostitution that closely before. Reality is so brutal and ugly sometimes.

And so Father, I ask you to keep her safe tonite. Please lead her to a place where she can find you. I plead for her soul. Jesus, take her broken heart and bind it up with your love. Bring someone to her who will show her that she is not alone, that she is priceless in your eyes. Help her to learn to love herself as you love her. Be the lover of her soul. Fill her emptiness with your grace and forgiveness. Please, Father, bring her home to you.


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