My First Post...

Lame title, I know, but it is... I signed up for an account accidentally, I thought I was just getting an account so I could see more stuff on other people's blogs... and then I thought, "Why not? I don't have to tell anyone I know that I am doing this... and I can just write and send what I am thinking out into the universe..."

My childhood cat died today. Jynx. She was 18 years old. I didn't get to say goodbye. She lives with my parents who were here visiting this weekend. It was Benjamin's (my son's) first birthday party... They got home and she was in her bed and she was gone. That's how I was hoping it would happen, but still... I would have liked to say goodbye. It is so dumb to be this upset, but when I was a little girl she was my doll. I dressed her up. I put her in a stroller. I loved her with everything in me. When I was a teen and my best friend stopped talking to me I held her and cried into her soft fur. I loved her with everything in me. When my first love dumped me (God "told him to") she purred on my lap while I sang Jan Arden "Insensitive". I loved her with everything in me. She slept with me on my last night at home as a single girl, and woke me up on my wedding day meowing to get out of my room. She got old and crotchety... she had short stubby ears that had fallen off because she had frozen them solid when we found her in the middle of a Saskatchewan winter... a stray... "Can I keep her Mom?"

And now I am 30, a full grown woman with a child, crying over a dead cat. There are so many terrible things that have happened all over the world and I am crying over a dead cat, but I loved her with everything in me...


  1. I am so sorry to hear of your loss!
    My dear friend's kitty is close to the end. I've known that cat as long as I've known her (since 1986)
    I know she will be absolutely devastated when he passes.
    And in all the odd things that happen to us in life, death always seems to accompany some sort of beginning of life or celebration of. So a sad farewell with treasured memories of Jynx and a very happy birthday to Benjamin.

  2. My first comment! ... and what a nice one to start out with... thanks whoever you are! I guess sending my thoughts out into the universe wasn't such a bad idea...

  3. I am sorry about Jynx, and of course, sorry about you. All those things happen, sooner or latter, but we always hope occure later.

    A loss of a friend like animals is horrible, I know, but you have to learn to say goodbye.

    After that.. Wellcome to the Blogospher.. like people call this new mania. May I give you a little tip? Use the blog to say all those things you have, and you'r not sure to tell. Use this blog like a little scape and be just yourself!
    Enjoy it!

    Hugs From Mexico!


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