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My new guilty pleasure...

My brother Mikey has gone and got me addicted. It's and it's callin' my name even now... "Becky, come and play me... leave the dishes! Never mind your jungle of a yard!"

One thing you should know about me is I love quest games, the other thing you should know is I love chatting online. This game combines them! With over 100 000 people playing at almost any given moment there is an almost unlimited supply of FUN! There are game characters and actual people running around a simulated fantasy world with unicorns and cows and dragons. There are strict conduct rules so no swearing or crude comments. Last night my sister and I randomly followed people around and harassed them, (meaning we said "Hi" to them over and over) and they seemed to like it. One of them even bought us matching outfits... I love it!

Anywho... I'm addicted. Lucky for me it is absolutely free. (Unless you count the cost of my now wasted time... sigh.) So if you're lo…

A good day.

Yesterday was a good day. Glen and I became members of our church and everyone seemed to really enjoy our testimonies. After church we went out for lunch with our friends. FUN! I cheated on my diet, but am happy to report that while I didn't lose any weight this weekend, I didn't gain either. YAY! Then Glen surprised me with the honeymoon suite at a hotel here in Yorkton. MORE FUN! We (Glen, Ben, and I) went swimming and watersliding and then enjoyed the jacuzzi in our room. All in all, a lovely day with my two favorite guys in the whole world.

Take the "test" out of testimony

Glen and I are finally going to be members of our church this Sunday. In preparation we have been preparing our testimonies for sharing with the church. Neither of us are very nervous because as camp counselors we have shared our testimonies on numerous occasions... but here is the thing...

We had our wonderful pastor and his fabulous wife over for a "meeting" the other night and we shared our testimonies with them, and WHAT FUN! It was such a meaningful time, just sitting around talking. They asked questions, I cried a little, we laughed A LOT. Don't you (you being whoever you are out there in the universe) think that would be a better way of sharing your testimony with the church? Everyone just sitting around, able to ask questions, make encouraging comments... so much more meaningful then us standing at the front, behind microphones, reading from a sheet of paper... AND then maybe people who would ordinarily get nervous maybe would be less nervous. So many people view …

My very first diet

Well, today marks the third day of my first diet ever. I crave carbs. My problem is I have virtually no will power. On the up side I have lost 5 pounds already. On the down side I know it is mostly just water and that I will seriously slow down after the first week.

The weird thing is I still think of myself as thin. I have never been overweight before. Right now I weigh more than my parents which FREAKS ME OUT! I just can't see it on myself. (Except in pictures or on video... then it is SHOCKING! I hardly even know that person.) I know I eat VERY unhealthy, and I hardly ever exercise, and I am still surprised by how much I weigh. (I just bought my first scale on Monday.) I need to get healthy if I want to get pregnant again... and I do. So here I am, thinking about pasta and ice cream... trying to psych myself up to go for a walk in the rain.

Stormy weather...

The falling rain dissolves into mist
And the thunder begins to die;
As the sporadic lightning fades,
An arch of colors pours from the sky.Rainbows appear after mighty storms
When things look their worst;
Just when the skies are darkest gray,
Out of heaven does the rainbow burst.God first sent the rainbow to Noah
As a sign that His word is true;
The rainbow's eternal message
Still speaks to me and you.The rainbow is a sign of God's promise
That He will guide us through any storm;
That He will ease all our troubles
No matter what their form.When you feel battered by life's storms
And you are filled with doubt and dismay,
Just remember God's rainbow is coming
For it's blessing ... you only have to pray.~written by BJ.Morbitzer 1969~
This is the sight that greeted Benjamin and me when we arrived home this week. I love rainbows, and there were sure a lot of them... we have been having a very rainy spring. The rainbows almost make up for being stuck inside with a toddler. :)

Chasing Friendship

I prayed God would send me a good friend and He did.

It seems like my whole life I have been waiting for a friend like her... Don't get me wrong, I've had friends... We've never been equals though. I've always been the one who pursued them. I knew that if at any time I decided to stop phoning them I would never talk to them again. I even felt that way about Glen when we were dating. (And sometimes I still feel that way.) Actually, I kind of feel that way about my family too. People get sick of me constantly harassing them.

This new friend of mine makes me feel like if I stopped phoning her she would not only phone me, but probably march over and find out what was going on. I like that. I am not sure if it is because we are so much the same or if I have just grown up a bit and I can finally stop pursuing people the way I used to. Either way, I like her. LOTS.

I wonder if God feels that way about me? I wonder if He wishes I would pursue Him sometimes. I wonder if He gets s…