Chasing Friendship

I prayed God would send me a good friend and He did.

It seems like my whole life I have been waiting for a friend like her... Don't get me wrong, I've had friends... We've never been equals though. I've always been the one who pursued them. I knew that if at any time I decided to stop phoning them I would never talk to them again. I even felt that way about Glen when we were dating. (And sometimes I still feel that way.) Actually, I kind of feel that way about my family too. People get sick of me constantly harassing them.

This new friend of mine makes me feel like if I stopped phoning her she would not only phone me, but probably march over and find out what was going on. I like that. I am not sure if it is because we are so much the same or if I have just grown up a bit and I can finally stop pursuing people the way I used to. Either way, I like her. LOTS.

I wonder if God feels that way about me? I wonder if He wishes I would pursue Him sometimes. I wonder if He gets sick of trying to get my attention and wishes I would take the initiative in our friendship more than I do.

Father, thanks for pursuing me and being the friend that keeps our relationship going. Please give me a heart that desires to chase after you. Please keep trying to get my attention. I love you and I will try to phone more often.


  1. i call you all the time.


  2. Ralatives don't count... oh but... yo.


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