My new guilty pleasure...

My brother Mikey has gone and got me addicted. It's and it's callin' my name even now... "Becky, come and play me... leave the dishes! Never mind your jungle of a yard!"

One thing you should know about me is I love quest games, the other thing you should know is I love chatting online. This game combines them! With over 100 000 people playing at almost any given moment there is an almost unlimited supply of FUN! There are game characters and actual people running around a simulated fantasy world with unicorns and cows and dragons. There are strict conduct rules so no swearing or crude comments. Last night my sister and I randomly followed people around and harassed them, (meaning we said "Hi" to them over and over) and they seemed to like it. One of them even bought us matching outfits... I love it!

Anywho... I'm addicted. Lucky for me it is absolutely free. (Unless you count the cost of my now wasted time... sigh.) So if you're looking for a good time sign up and don't forget to add me to your friends list! (I go by the name of Becktron and play in Toronto, World 17.)


  1. An update on this... I'm such a loser... I have discovered almost everyone else who is playing is 13 years of age or younger. LOL. Except Travis my cousin... Although the two of us sometimes (often) act like 12 year olds... I'm still playin though, even if I do get approached by 12 year olds who want me to be their gf (girlfriend) all the time and just the other day this little girl asked me to join a pokemon club. I so need a life.

  2. Another update... I'm a member now and usually play world 18... but I'll come back to the non-member world for special cases. Glen's playing too... I'm going to hook up the poor little noob with some cool duds and weapons!


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