My very first diet

Well, today marks the third day of my first diet ever. I crave carbs. My problem is I have virtually no will power. On the up side I have lost 5 pounds already. On the down side I know it is mostly just water and that I will seriously slow down after the first week.

The weird thing is I still think of myself as thin. I have never been overweight before. Right now I weigh more than my parents which FREAKS ME OUT! I just can't see it on myself. (Except in pictures or on video... then it is SHOCKING! I hardly even know that person.) I know I eat VERY unhealthy, and I hardly ever exercise, and I am still surprised by how much I weigh. (I just bought my first scale on Monday.) I need to get healthy if I want to get pregnant again... and I do. So here I am, thinking about pasta and ice cream... trying to psych myself up to go for a walk in the rain.


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