Take the "test" out of testimony

Glen and I are finally going to be members of our church this Sunday. In preparation we have been preparing our testimonies for sharing with the church. Neither of us are very nervous because as camp counselors we have shared our testimonies on numerous occasions... but here is the thing...

We had our wonderful pastor and his fabulous wife over for a "meeting" the other night and we shared our testimonies with them, and WHAT FUN! It was such a meaningful time, just sitting around talking. They asked questions, I cried a little, we laughed A LOT. Don't you (you being whoever you are out there in the universe) think that would be a better way of sharing your testimony with the church? Everyone just sitting around, able to ask questions, make encouraging comments... so much more meaningful then us standing at the front, behind microphones, reading from a sheet of paper... AND then maybe people who would ordinarily get nervous maybe would be less nervous. So many people view sharing their testimonies with their churches' as an excruciating event. (Sort of like a oral final exam performed naked in front of your grade nine English class.) Wouldn't it be better if it was something that felt more natural? That's what I think anyways.

Either way, Sunday should be awesome. Our church is really great and they always have "words of confirmation and blessing" after you (you being me this time) share your testimony. I am really looking forward to it. PLUS after we go out for lunch and I plan to cheat a bit on my diet. YEEEEE! PLUS we are going to my friend Heather's birthday party the night before! PLUS it is Glen and my six year anniversary! YEEEEEE YEEEEEEEE!


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