Going public...

K. I've been inspired by my friend Denita and have decided to go public with my blog... which means not keeping it a secret from my friends and family. I've noticed something about my friends blogs... I actually get to see what is really going on in their hearts (if they're honest which they tend to be when they are writing) and maybe they would like to see what is REALLY going on in mine. Oh, they know things like I'm on a diet, but they don't know how weird it's been for me to be fat. They know I love my new friend in Yorkton, but they don't really know why...

So. Maybe they won't like everything they read, but maybe it will be nice for them to know what's going on in my heart and not just in my life.


  1. Hey Becky.

    Big step going public- I for sure feel light years away from that right now. You're the only one that knows mine- Adrian knows about it but I haven't told him the address or anything.

    I'm sure making this all public will be healing in some way. May everyday be another day of grace.

    love ya, Denita

  2. Denita... you're so RAD! I just want to make that public here! And, oh yeah... I love you Ya Dumb Cluck.


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