I want a girl...

I want a girl baby. I want one SO bad. We are trying to get pregnant again and I can't stop thinking about her.

My fear is I won't get a girl and I will be so disappointed. I don't want to have any disappointment associated with having my next baby. My little man is so special. I wouldn't trade him for any girl... but OH I want a girl.

I want to do her hair and buy her barbies. When we're older I want a girl to hang out with at the lake while Glen and Ben go fishing. I look at all the sweet little girl dresses and shoes at Walmart and I want to buy them... In fact, Hannah (that's her name) already has a hat and a personalized Christmas ornament that I couldn't resist. I would buy more, but it will already hurt to get rid of the stuff I have bought if we have only boys.

Here is the thing. I know God knows all this. I have to have faith that He understands my heart better than I do and if I need a girl I will get one. Except I just want a girl SO badly.


  1. I know how you feel, Becky. lol Even though Jer and I already have one precious daughter, we really want another girl. Before I had the miscarriage, Jer was wanting to know the sex of the baby. With this pregnancy, he realized that, even though he's confident it's going to be another girl, what matters most is that we have another healthy baby. :) Even though he's already calling this one by her name. ;) lol

  2. How do you know it's a girl? Do you know know? I want to know. I don't want to know know, I just want to know if you know. You know?


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