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We are just back from camping at Ispuchaw Lake... I would tell you where it is, but there are only five campsites and I wouldn't want the place to get crowded! It is so beautiful and peaceful, I really can't imagine heaven being any better... Sigh... Did I already mention that? The campsite we like best is #5. It is on the top of a hill out on a point. It looks out over the lake, and just at the bottom of the hill is a nice little sandy beach where my dad built himself a little dock using nothing but a hacksaw and some driftwood and rope... my dad, what a guy! I take my hammock right down to the waterside and hang there and read books and drink iced tea and eat sunflower seeds (spicy if I can get 'em) and it's PARADISE! This year the lake was pretty high, big surprise with all this dumb rain, so we beached at another lake. But, the most lovely thing about Ispuchaw is the seclusion. There is no running water... only an outhouse which is practically a kilometre from site #5... and generally you don't even see any other people except the John Bosco Camp kids on hikes. I LOVE IT! I'm so glad we made it out there this summer... did I mention I LOVE IT there? (Even with the stupid mosquitoes and horseflies.)

In other news... MY BABY IS WALKING! I am not sure whether or not I am happy about this very recent development. (He took his first step at the lake in the screen kitchen with my parents... at least I saw his second step... another sigh.) Is it wrong to want him to stay my baby forever? I feel like tomorrow he's going to pack a suitcase and leave home. Once I heard someone say that parenting is like taking a piece of your heart and cutting it off and then sending it out into the world to walk around. That's how I feel. I don't think I have ever felt so vulnerable as when I think of Benjamin making his own choices, maybe ones I don't like, and getting hurt and being away from me. I remember realizing shortly after he was born that I had made a HUGE mistake. He was crying and I was holding him and comforting him and I suddenly realized all his hurts couldn't be fixed in my arms... someday he would yell at me and tell me to leave him alone, and I wouldn't be able to help. I thought, "What have I done?" My heart totally breaks to think of those moments in our futures... all I can do is pray that he will let God hold him and comfort him when he won't let me... another sigh. Walking is just the beginning people. I'm telling you. I'm all FREAKED OUT!

But, he sure looks cute staggering around like a tiny little drunk person.

You want to know the truth? Sometimes I can't help myself and I pray "Please God, make everything perfect for him. Always keep him close to me and closer to you. And please. Don't ever let him hurt." I know... really, I do. I just can't help it.


  1. I think we all pray and wish those things for our little ones. Erika is getting so big now. Walking and talking up a storm!!! The only consolation I have, is I'll have another little baby so I can still get my "fix" of seeing the firsts all over again. lol

  2. There is almost nothing better than correcting a teachers spelling. It is Ispuchaw. Oh man I loved that. Glad to see you went public, I would like to start one as well, but you are probably right that my site would be nothing but a rant. So I will stick to commenting on sites I visit. Happy blogging.

  3. SICK! I tried to look it up online, but I couldn't find it anywhere... at first I thought it was Ispachaw... but Glen assured me it was Ispichaw... So really, you got to correct two teachers' spelling errors. SICK.

  4. I love that place, I was up to John Bosco Camp this summer. I was one the crazy people who spent 3 weeks living outta backpacks and hiking or canoeing all the time. But any way we spent a night at one of the public sites at Ispuchaw, and a couple nights across the lake at another site, foot access only. Kinda a lucky shot but I got an awesome picture of the sun rise from the west side of the lake at the Bosco canoe skills(CS) site.
    If you have time and are into it you might want to check out the hiking trails that go around the lake, we just cleaned them up a bit this year so there is a half decent trail going 3/4 of the way around the lake. But you probably don't want to go much farther than the CS site, its a clearing with tent platforms and a rotten outhouse, pretty much straight west across the lake from the public site, past that you get more fallen trees on what path you have, if any, and there are some rotten swamps out their too. Or if you want a shorter trip you can just head north along a really good trail until you get to a camp site on the north point of Ispishaw, nice sand hill and beach there.
    If you are into hiking you can drop by bosco and have a look at the trail maps, pretty darn good hiking the the area.


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