Adventures in Babysitting

This week we've been helping my pastor and his wife with their new house. We did some painting and some cooking. We also did some babysitting. It was fun. The girls were ADORABLE and SWEET and Ben really seemed to enjoy playing with them. Then they left. Everything went all quiet and peaceful. Ben got to play with his toys without getting pushed or yelled at. I got to eat chips without someone asking me why they couldn't have any... "They're too spicy." "I like spicy chips." "These are too hot, they'll burn your mouth, have some of these instead." "I want those ones!" "You can't have these ones." "But I want them!"

Here are my thoughts:

#1 Ben's getting older and smarter and there's nothing I can do to stop it. Pretty soon he's going to be whining and arguing and complaining. I don't feel ready. I only want a baby. What have I done?

#2 More children mean fighting children. I knew this before of course. I can clearly remember my Mom getting very frustrated with us fighting with each other and thinking, "What does she care? We're not fighting with her..." You can't grow up with three siblings and not know that brothers and sisters fight... LOTS. I'm not a stranger to babysitting for extended periods of time either. I know kids fight when they are together... I just forgot how irritating it is. I want another? Am I out of my mind? What am I thinking?

#3 At least my babysitting experience didn't end up with me caught in the middle of a mafia deal and one of the children dangling out of a skyscraper from a rope wearing a Thor helmet.


  1. you babysat kids that fought.... i don't believe it.... i want a sandwich

  2. i wanna sandwich now!!! (woman) :P


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