Can you even imagine?

Yesterday I was accidentally watching World Vision, I couldn't find the remote, and I saw the story of a young mother struggling to care for her children. They were all so beautiful. The father had left them. The mother was left to care alone for her five children, but when World Vision showed her story she only had three left. She worked so hard every day to make a good life for them. Her shack was tidy and even decorated with patterns on the wall that she had painted to make it pretty for her family. Her children were clean... but they were all starving. The field where she grew their food was barren and dry. She managed to scrape a meal together for her girls, but didn't eat anything herself. I can't even imagine. They showed her sitting there watching her girls eat with tears in her eyes. I know she wasn't crying for herself. I know she was wondering how long she could keep them alive. One was already very sick from malnutrition.

I tried to think of what that would feel like to watch your child starve to death. I tried to imagine Benjamin wasting away to nothing right in front of me. I couldn't. I can't even begin to know how that would feel. I worry when he refuses the supper I made him and wants to eat Zoodles day after day.

There are families all over our world who have to struggle just to keep their children alive. (My biggest struggle is how I can make Ben even happier than he is now, and to capture it all on film!) You can sponsor a child through World Vision online
here. Or you could visit any of these other websites for information on making a donation or to find out about sponsoring a child.

Christian Children's Fund
Samaritan's Purse
Christian Relief
Mennonite Central Committee


  1. i'm proud to say that amanda and i have been sponsoring denilson edwardo rodriguez for 3 years thru WV... we just got our annual report this past week and he's 4 years old now... he just got a new mattress, and he really likes it... it's cool to see how our little bit of extra can make a world of change to someone who really needs it... kinda like the new post you made about we ask for little stuff... like finding the money to be able to continue sponsoring denilson... but in reality... God's answering two prayers... he's helping out our little boy... God's a big God, with a divine purpose... and although i'm big, i surely am not divine enough to completely understand that purpose other than that it contains ultimate good... (jer. 29:11-12)


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