My boy...

Prepare yourself for some major gushing...

Somedays... Okay... Everyday... Ben is so cute I can hardly stand it. He is such a nice little boy to be around. He is smiley and funny. He is just such a sweet little person. He has started giving hugs now and I LOVE IT! He just makes me so happy! Right now he is walking in circles just for fun. He is babbling away... "Delah, dulah... digga digga dugga." Every now and then he stops and shows me the pipecleaners he is holding and he laughs.


  1. Hi Becky
    He is absolutly beautiful, inside and out. How could he not be with such cool parents.You could have a few more just like him but different
    Love you lots
    Aunt Sue

  2. wow.... does this mean mom is blogging??? whoa... i don't know if the blogasphere is ready for this... oh what the hey... i'd read it... mom if you need help figuring out blogs, ask me.... also check mine out at


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