My friend Janie

I'm going to remind all of you again a little later, but could you pray for my friend Janie? She has cancer and a big appointment on the 3oth of August with her oncologist. She's going to get an update on how the fight for her life is going and they are also going to make plans for future treatment.

We had a great visit this week and I didn't expect her to make me feel better about her cancer but she did. She's just sticking really close to Jesus through all of this. She really encouraged me and touched my heart. I love her so much! It is amazing to see how God is sustaining her and her family through her sickness, and when you talk to her you don't get the feeling that everything is all sunshine and flowers either. It's okay to cry and to question. It's okay to be scared and to feel tired. God will still be there. WHAT A BLESSING JANIE IS TO ME!

Father, thanks so much for Janie. Please heal her. Please help the doctors and her make the right choices for her treatment. Thank you so much for the way you have been her strength. Thank you for the way you have watched over her and for the way you are watching over her family. Please continue to touch her with your peace and with your joy, and please let her be healthy again so she can continue to bless the rest of us. I'm so grateful for a friend like Janie who can give when she is in need and who can encourage when she is suffering. Help me to be a friend like that to those around me. Help me to be more like Janie. Help me to be more like You.


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