My Little Ido Dido

My little brother Mikey has gone off and moved to British Columbia. Poor Benjamin is going to have his awesome Uncle Mike way off on Vancouver Island. I think this will need to mean lots of airplane rides for me, which isn't good because I have always been afraid of flying... Well not flying, landing really. That crash in Toronto is exactly how I expect every flight I am on to end up. I hate planes. I really do... What was I saying?

Oh yeah. I really am so excited for him. It will be a fresh start and a new adventure in his life. I really think this move will be good for him in so many ways. He needed to get out of a rut, I think.

I'm also completely devastated. I have always felt so protective of him. He's my little Ido Dido. (Just a note... I called Mikey Ido Dido starting when Mike was in Kindergarten which would have been 1983 and Fido Dido the cartoon character was first sketched on a napkin in 1985 so we weren't copying and came up with the name all on our own... Just thought you'd like to know.) I still remember watching when he first started playing hockey. He was the smallest on his team and his jersey went down past his knees. The puck would get shot to the end of the rink and Mikey would start off after it. Then it would go by in the other direction and he would make a wobbly turn and off he would go in the other direction, moving no more than five feet before someone would have shot it back to the other side... then yet another wobbly turn...Sigh. I'm getting all misty.

I am having so much trouble letting go. I just want everything good for him. I want him to find someone to share his life with, I want him to find an amazing job that he loves, and I want him to find God. It's a tall order. I don't know why deep down I feel like I need him here so I can make sure he is happy. I don't know why I think God can't find him if I'm not nearby. I can't tell you why I feel like I can protect him better if he is in the same province as me. I know I have no control over what choices he makes no matter what province he is in. I know that. I just...

Please pray for my Mikey. Pray that he finds a great job... Maybe something outside, he loves the outdoors. Pray that he makes good friends that care about him and that are a good influence on him. Pray that somehow he meets God out on Vancouver Island... Way far away from his big sister who loves him with all of her heart.


  1. I know how you are feeling Becky. It's weird when roles and environments change- especially when they represent what is consistent in our life! It sucks but sometimes is exciting too. Hang in there.


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