Under the carpet...

Family is an amazing entity in so many ways. Something that is amazing about family is its ability to sweep disagreements and hurts under the carpet. Then, the whole family just walks around the living room ignoring all the huge lumps and bulges just below the surface of the beige area rug.

Every now and then you stumble over a really big lump, maybe you knock over a lamp or a ceramic dog on your way down... But eventually the bumps and bulges get trampled flat. You hardly even remember doing any sweeping. Until the next time you feel snubbed, offended, injured... Then when you lift the carpet up to sweep the new conflict out of sight with the others you notice all the old hurts again. You don't feel them like you used to, they are flat and lifeless. Still, you notice that it is getting harder and harder to trample layer after layer into oblivion and you wonder what would happen if you ever tried to bring them out from under the carpet and really do a major spring cleaning...

I really hate any kind of cleaning though, come over if you want proof.


  1. beck... i admire you for keeping your post real... that's pretty cool

  2. The words about the river bumping u all together and knocking off the sharp bits are certainly true enough. And like a river, often God will carry away the bits that have been broken off, so we don't have to stumble over them again and again.


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