I know, I know...

I know it's been a while since I last posted... Here is the thing. Or, rather, here are the things...

I have really not been feeling very well at all lately. I just want to lie very still most of the time. Also, I have this one big thing on my mind that I really can't talk about yet and so it has been difficult for me to think of anything to say that doesn't in some way connect to this one big thing. I promise to get back at it VERY SOON! In the meantime I am going to post a quiz I have had sitting around for a while because I am unsatisfied with the fact that you have to sign up for a membership (free) to get to take it. It's pretty painless to get a membership though... I did it when a friend of mine sent out a quiz of her own... And I have not received any junk mail from them and I've been signed up for around a month. So, if you feel like finding out how well you really know yours truly take the quiz! I'll post the top results on the blog and you can see if you can beat Glen. (Which is always fun.)



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