WARNING: grossly descriptive rant, not suitable for young children or the easily sickened.

Here is the thing. Throwing up sucks. I go to all of the work to make my poor, nauseated, pregnant self eat something, which is a huge task when almost anything I think of makes me want to dry heave, which is painful and always makes me cry. I lay all still afterwards so maybe I won't puke... I think maybe I've made it. I've kept it down. I'm good to go! Then, once the puke has a chance to get all nasty and acidic I get to heave it all up in the middle of the night. That's not the worst part. No it's not. The worst part is when it comes up and takes a little detour out of my nose, burning the crap out of my nasal cavity on its way. Then it takes half an hour and a whole box of kleenex to try and get it all out of there... but I can still smell it.

Someone needs to invent something to stick up your nose while you are puking so that nothing goes up there. Seriously.


  1. poor poor becky....

    lots of gentle hugs..

  2. Up your nose...seriously? That was more info than I needed...But I have a whole new level of empathy for you. Let me know if you need someone to come sit beside you and look at you sympatheticly.

  3. I need someone to come sit beside me and look at me sympathetically

  4. Join the club, Becky. Throwing up is a regular part of my routine, and I still have just under 3 months to go! I'm just glad it's never gone up my nose, cuz that be gross and painful. I feel for ya.

  5. Join the club? Do I get a t-shirt? Maybe it would say... "I barfed so hard it came out of my nose and all I got was this lousy t-shirt".

  6. Sounds like the perfect type of shirt. And I'll wear one that says I barfed so hard I peed my pants. lol :)

  7. about the nose thing... God made something that fits perfectly up there... they're called fingers... the 8 little digits on the end of your hands... those are attached to your arms... thumbs might work... if you've got big nostrils... but i guess the acidic puke might just take care of that... oh and yeah... i've puked out my nose before too... it sucks...

    by the way... chole is awesome... she's so perfect... by far my favorite niece

  8. I am SO glad I'm not a female.

  9. i puked out my nose once....but it was my fault and i deserved it. but it was still pretty gross. don't worry becky i will take care of you when you come visit me.....and ONLY me....on thanksgiving.

    ps- randall...being a chick is cool....we get to have pink cell phones with pink little purses to put them in...call me...
    pss- becky i got a cell phone...its hot...call me.

  10. Ang... Did you ever see that cell phone commercial, "Cell phone, walkie talkie, menace to society."? That's you with a cell phone, a menace to society.

  11. ang... you're such a girl... i agree with randall

  12. no i didn't see that commercial. but don't worry no one calls me anyways. i've got like 3 calls so far.

    thanks trav...call me.

    anyone on this blog....call me.
    *does the wink and the gun*


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