YAY! Another quiz!

It's the quiz to beat all quizzes! My friend Trish sent me a quiz all about her. I had to get a bebo (Benjamin has a book with bebo in it and it means belly button) membership I think, but all I needed was an email address and I intend to block them from my senders list. (Update: since I wrote this post a long time ago: I didn't block them, forgot, and I never got anything from them.) Click this link to find out how well you know me and if you can beat Glen I'll have to have a prize for you!

UPDATE: Just so you know... Glen just took the quiz and it told him he wasn't authorized or something... turns out I have to approve you after you take the quiz and before you can see your score. Once I approve you though you can see your results and the answers. This site is dumb and irritating... but the quiz is fabulous. Glen scored 73%.


  1. I was mentioned on BECKY"S BLOG!!!..
    this is better than seeing Oprah live!!!

    BIG HUGS And CONGRATS on the whole pregos thing!..GOOOOOOOO GLEN!!!...
    hee hee...

    love & laughter,

  2. The results are in... Glen blew you all out of the water. Dad did pretty good too, but he was still almost 30% behind my Glenny! If you took the test and couldn't see your results you should be able to now, along with all the right answers.


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