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Set Apart

Once again Marc's site got me thinking... I read an interesting post about alchohol consumption among Christians. The comment section stirred up some things in my mind that I have been pondering lately. Here are some of the things that caught my attention:

Paula said: If I went into a bar and saw Christian X drinking and Unbeliever Y drinking, how am I (or anyone) suppose to tell who the Christian is? Every aspect of our life needs to be set apart so we can be an example to non-believers...

Dixie said: Let's take this back to what Jesus would do. Would Jesus go into a bar? Would Jesus associate with people who were drinking at the risk of looking like one of them? Would Jesus share a glass of wine with his disciples to teach them about remembering his blood soon to be spilled? In fact, isn't this what got Jesus into so much trouble with the Pharisees? He didn't "look" or "do" the things he was "expected" to do. He didn't sit in judgment …

My Little Sicky

Ben's sick. His fever won't go down and he is miserable and whiny. I'm sick. I have no fever though, which is good because I get in a panic when I have a fever while pregnant.

On the upside Ben gets VERY snugly when he is sick. On the downside of that... Cuddling with Mommy sure doesn't seem to help his fever. He keeps wanting me to take off all of his clothes including his diaper. I'm not sure why being sick makes Ben hate clothing because if I take them off he gets all goose bumpy and shivery and then he cries... And pulls at his diaper. Poor little guy. I hope he feels better soon. He's so pathetic... He's even more pathetic than I am which is saying a lot.

"Becky needs"

I was visiting Marc's site today and was treated to a hysterical read, the result of a game he played on Google. This is how you play: Do a Google search for your name and the word "needs" together in quotation marks. (My search looked like this: "Becky needs".) Then you're supposed to share the five funniest hits.

I couldn't pick 5 so here is my Top 15 Countdown:

15)Becky needs... a GIANT DANCING RAT!!!
14) Becky needs the help of river pirates to free her brother.
13)Becky needs to get out the bathroom.
(True. What can I say? I'm pregnant.)
12)Becky needs a medical corset to keep her from physically falling apart.
(Also true.)
11)Becky needs implants.
(Not really true.)
10)Becky needs her pants changed.
(Definately not true. I may be pregnant, but I'm potty trained.)
9) Becky needs to do some clothes shopping, since she’s already been seen in everything she owns.
8)Becky needs more friends, since she’s so lonely.
(May have something to do with the clothes.)

Auf Wiedersehen Ping!

Ang is off to Switzerland... She's all freaked out 'cause this is her first plane ride and her first really big trip. (Unless you count going with Lion's Band to Michigan, which we don't.) She's going to run in the "Joints in Motion" marathon and somehow managed to raise more than $5000.00 for the Arthritis Society. Impressive hey? After the marathon she's staying in Europe for a bit to do some vacationing. (But I'm not jealous... I don't want to go to the dumb beach in Portugal anyways... Sounds tres dull.) Anyways, please say a prayer for her safety in the air and on the ground.

Yet Another Quiz

You are Sally!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla Do people really think I'm a total ditz?

Time for some whining... I apologize in advance.

I'm tired. I could sleep for two or three days straight. Today I walked with Ben to the park and I felt so exhausted afterwards. I am missing my energy. I have so much to do. I feel like throwing up ALL THE TIME. I feel so cut off from everything, and when I get the chance to do something all I want to do is climb in bed and sleep. This is a problem for me because I hate missing out on anything, and I feel like I am missing out on everything...

I am missing out on the fall... my favorite season.
I am completely out of touch with the rest of the world. (I finally realized last night there had been a devastating earthquake on Saturday.)
I am missing out on play time with Benjamin.
I am missing out on hanging out with Glen.
I am longing for the energy to repair and paint the walls in our basement.
I am living in a messy unorganized house and it makes me feel messy and unorganized.
I am so sick of puking... or laying very still to avoid puking.
I am just so tired. Hardly any of this seems to …

My Empty Mind... or Lost in the Barrens

I have nothing interesting to say today so here are all the uninteresting things going through my mind:

1) tomorrow night we are going to arrive in Saskatoon for the weekend. I want to stop at Fudd's for supper. I love their fries. I wonder if the cats will be okay in the car for that long. Probably. I wonder if it is too late to call up some friends like Scotty and Randy and Krissy and Mike to come along. Probably.

2) I watched The Notebook this weekend. I thought all the promos were exaggerating about it being one of the greatest love stories ever. I was wrong. It was so beautiful. I cried and cried and cried. Sigh...

3) Mom and Dad are stopping through on their way to Winnipeg tonite. I wonder if I really need to vacuum the guest room. Could Mom even tell if I didn't?

4) I need to do some laundry.

5) I'm glad Shirley is home.

6) I need to figure out when I'm going to see my Grandma Newson this weekend. There are SO many people to fit in. She needs to see Bentron so it can…


YAY Riders! They pulled it off again! My Dad and Benjamin did some pretty hardcore celebrating after that final touchdown. I think Ben cheered louder and definately longer than all the rest of us... He's got that Rider pride, you know he just can't hide that Rider pride!