Auf Wiedersehen Ping!

Ang is off to Switzerland... She's all freaked out 'cause this is her first plane ride and her first really big trip. (Unless you count going with Lion's Band to Michigan, which we don't.) She's going to run in the "Joints in Motion" marathon and somehow managed to raise more than $5000.00 for the Arthritis Society. Impressive hey? After the marathon she's staying in Europe for a bit to do some vacationing. (But I'm not jealous... I don't want to go to the dumb beach in Portugal anyways... Sounds tres dull.) Anyways, please say a prayer for her safety in the air and on the ground.


  1. yay ang... you're my canadian idol!!! and beck... you don't sound jealous at all

  2. angtron the world traveller!!!

    thanks beck....i'll bring back a present for you.
    thanks present though....sorry.

  3. but ang... you're my canadian idol... doesn't that count for anything???


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