My Empty Mind... or Lost in the Barrens

I have nothing interesting to say today so here are all the uninteresting things going through my mind:

1) tomorrow night we are going to arrive in Saskatoon for the weekend. I want to stop at Fudd's for supper. I love their fries. I wonder if the cats will be okay in the car for that long. Probably. I wonder if it is too late to call up some friends like Scotty and Randy and Krissy and Mike to come along. Probably.

2) I watched The Notebook this weekend. I thought all the promos were exaggerating about it being one of the greatest love stories ever. I was wrong. It was so beautiful. I cried and cried and cried. Sigh...

3) Mom and Dad are stopping through on their way to Winnipeg tonite. I wonder if I really need to vacuum the guest room. Could Mom even tell if I didn't?

4) I need to do some laundry.

5) I'm glad Shirley is home.

6) I need to figure out when I'm going to see my Grandma Newson this weekend. There are SO many people to fit in. She needs to see Bentron so it can't be in the afternoon when he is napping... hmmmmm... maybe she'd like to come to Fudrucker's.

7) I should eat something, but the only thing that I can think of that doesn't make me want to puke is a creamsicle.

8) Why is my cat licking my arm? Do I need a bath? Probably.

9) Would it be rude to invite my Grandma Newson to come over to Glen's mom's for thanksgiving? She'd get a turkey dinner out of the deal... they live really close to each other... Glen's mom loves to feed people... would there be room at the table? Probably not.

10) I can't wait for Survivor and The Apprentice tonight. I love those shows. Yeeeeee!

11) Shirley wants me to go to this "Have A Happy Wedding" dessert night for a daughter (who lives somewhere else and goes to church somewhere else) of one of the ladies in our church. I don't even know this girl. I don't think I've even met her PLUS the ladies in my church didn't even invite me even though it sounds like it is for all the ladies of the church. What is up with that? Why am I STILL such an outsider? I shouldn't go. It will just make me bitter. Why do I feel like I should make an appearance to be polite? I DON'T KNOW HER! Sigh... think of Fudd's... think of fries. Think of Survivor.

12) I'm so glad there is now a Saigon (Vietnamese food) restaurant in Yorkton. It makes it almost bearable that there is no Taco Bell.

There you have it. Sad really...


  1. WOW! That turned out to be really long... It's amazing how much nothingness goes through one person's mind.

  2. lol... you seem to have an overwhelming abundance of nothingness in your head beck :P

  3. I LOVE Taco Bell... We are so in sync. are not an have the pastor & his chariming wife eating out of the palm of your hand!! Right in your back pocket!And we love it!! This blog made me laugh. I didn't go tonight - as a boycott for them not calling and inviting you. Well - not that reason exactly, but it was up there in the top ten!!!

  4. All you have to do is phone, and I'd be @ Fudd's in a heartbeat!!!!!! lol What time should we be there????? Give me a call to let me know, cuz I love the fries and the cheese sauce. mmmmmmmmm.... Fudd's cheese sauce

  5. oh love affair with fudds is probably unhealthy. all that cheese sauce can't be good for a person. or can it?
    i can't wait for you to come visit. i'm pumped. also pumped that its friday. only 8 more hours of work to go.

    ps becky i broke my glasses last night in my sleep....will you try and fit in some time to look at glasses with me? i need them before my trip....crap.


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