Girls' Night Out

Last night some friends and I rode in a limo to the big city of Regina to see the musical Chicago. It was fabulous. We've been saving our money and plotting every detail for a LONG time now, so the anticipation was pretty high last night when we FINALLY made it into the limo. You know how it is when you anticipate something for so long that when you are finally in that moment it is a big let-down? That's what my grad was, ONE HUGE LET-DOWN. Last night wasn't like that. It was even better than I was anticipating...

The limo ride was fabulous. (Aside from the part where the driver hit on Donna... Actually, that part was pretty funny, so I'll say: Aside from the part where the limo driver asked us for some of our food... Actually, that was pretty funny too...) The two hour drive felt like it took half an hour. Tammy brought champagne for toasts. We had snacks. We got dropped off right at the door and best of all picked up right after the show. (Which meant no long walk to a cold car to be stuck in the parking lot for half an hour...) I think I need to always travel by limo.

We had a lovely supper with lots of laughs and stories I cannot repeat here because my dad reads this blog. I love, love, love girls nights out!

The show was excellent. I love musicals. Any musicals. The only downer was that I definitely need to get myself some glasses. By intermission my eyes were watering and bloodshot from straining to see... I think I'm getting old. (Okay, I know I'm getting old.)

But, my absolute favorite moment happened when we first arrived at the theatre. Before I get too far into this story I need to share one of the emails that was sent out during the plotting stage of our trip... From a person who we'll just call... "Donna".

so I am at my brother in laws..
and he happens to have a copy of the Regina Leader Post...
and I'm flipping along..
and I tune in to the 'entertainment' section..
and I see an ad for "Chicago"
WHY did no one tell me that TOM WOPAT is the leading man?
Am I not the girl that used to watch him on Dukes of Hazard when I was 11?
Was it I that stood up and said that "Luke Duke" was so much cuter than Bo?
It was I!!!!!!!!!

Do not be surprised if the show stops because he spots me.
he looks much older..
and grayer..
and perhaps wider..
but it is still him.

I need a cold shower

Anywho. Back to the story. When we arrived we proceeded directly to the souvenir table. As we were looking at and discussing the merits of the t-shirts and hats this singing salesman behind the table says to us, "I'm not selling any of that stuff, I'm selling these CD's." (Or something like that, it's all a bit hazy.) "Donna" turns to the guy with, I can only assume, some snappy comment and cries out, "You're Tom!" There is a moment of mutual astonishment and then somehow Tom has his hands on "Donna's" face and they are gazing into each other's eyes. (Tom's look had a bit of fear in it... But only a little.) All of us then proceed to tell Tom how "Donna" has been looking forward to his performance... And how she talks about him in her emails... And, really it is a bit blurry... The next thing I remember is Tom remarking, "That's the biggest houndstooth I've ever seen!" and then we're walking away and Tom is blowing a kiss to "Donna" and we are killing ourselves laughing and... What a moment. I'm still laughing. Isn't it just fabulous how life works out sometimes? My only regret is that I didn't have my camera on me to capture the moment for all time. It will have to live on in our hearts... And Tom's...

Anyways. That was my night out. Mostly. At least the "rated G" bits of it.


  1. your friend donna is totally lucky! i used to watch that show all the time! what i would do to be touched by that guy! that totally rocks.
    i am hoping you are around next weekend when i come to yorkton so that we can get together and you can give me all the REAL details that seem to have somehow got left out. stories are always better in person.
    now.. where are my knitting needles?

  2. Yes, I do read your posts, and please don't say things like "hussy" on this page. Also please don't say things like, "I am getting old." If I close my eyes I can imagine you dancing on my feet after a hard day at work and you are once again my little girl. Jeez thats sappy. Mostly don't say I am getting old. Do you know how that makes me feel. Who is this Joyce, she sounds a little strange, is she good for you?

  3. Joyce,
    You sound like a total loser.
    Get a life.
    Only losers knit.

  4. i can happily say that i have never seen a musical... not even on video... woohoo for me... although i did have to go see swan lake in grade three or four... but that's different... i had to go

  5. "Swan Lake" is a ballet,
    not a musical.
    it doesn't count.

    and knitting is not for losers. that hurt.

  6. joyce you sound hot.

    i like it when a lady stands up for herself.

  7. i don't know how cool knitting can be... but i do agree with joyce about swan lake not counting... now... if you crotchet, that would make you cool... because i crotchet and i'm cool

  8. Becky,
    You really should fly to Vancouver (way cheaper than flying to Victoria) and then hop on the ferry as a foot passenger to take it across. The best part is getting to the ferry because the cheapest way is by limo! The first time I ever rode in one I was all by myself, it was the most anticlimactic thing ever. I was so sad. And I'd love to see a musical, any musical. I almost went to Phantom of the Opera when it toured but my strange mother thought it was too mature for someone in grade six. I also neither knit, or crochet, or cross-stich (the final product always looks ugly anyway) and so now I am feeling vastly out of the loop, and like I have experienced nothing fun in the world. Hmm...and this blog usually uplifts me so much. It good to see Ang on here though, I haven't talked to her in aeons! Hey Ang...

  9. Oh, and I'm just so glad you're blogging again!! I feel so connected when I hear from you or Travis even indirectly. Good stuff!

  10. alas...crocheting is but a dream at present.. perhaps someday if i wish enough...

    and ang? i KNOW you're hot.

  11. mel... you're not out of the loop just because you don't crotchet... my wife taught me how... and i'm still not that great... i made a hackey sack... and that turned out good... but that's all i've really done a great job on... everything else looks like an elementary school art class project...

  12. Yep...just learned to crochet myself. But only because the knitting experiment failed miserably. I am a default crocheter. But you should see the blanket that I am working on. It's a doosie. I never start small. I have a problem.

    I know I am not related to Becky or Trav, but I just like to pretend that I am part of the family here. Thus the comment.

  13. shirley, you have proven yourself worthy to be part of the online blog family... welcome child :P

    bring your crochet hooks and have a seat

  14. Memories... like the corners of my mind...
    thanks for a great time Becky!

  15. Becky!! I love reading your's like I'm right there with you...

    keep blogging!!

    your girls night sounds like so much fun!! i'm glad you had such a good time!!

    BIG HUGS!!


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