In other news...

Last night was the first time I felt the baby move... Well, actually I've been feeling stuff for a while now, but last night was the first time I was completely 100% sure it was the baby and not some muscle spasm or something. Thought you'd all like to know!


  1. I for one am glad that the baby is moving. One step closer to fielding a hockey team of grandchildren. I know that it is not another arrow in my quiver, but somehow it feels like it. I am not sure what it is about grandchildren but I sit sometimes and think about how this family is growing and I can't believe that God would bless me that much. I pray for you and your baby (girl) Becky that you will feel better soon and that the baby would be healthy.

  2. Just want to say glad to hear that the baby moved and you were 100% sure that it was the baby. :D

  3. Yeah... I was missing that feeling. I'm glad it's back! (Poor men... they miss out on so much!)


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