I've slept on it.

And I've decided I agree with myself last night. I think I will not blog here anymore... I think I need to start fresh. Glen's gonna make me a new website. Till then you can still see cute photos of Ben at bentron.blogspot.com.

Here are the comments that Trav and Shirley left for this post...
trav said...
beck... you're throwing off my blogging.... i don't know if i can handle this change.... i want a sandwich!!!
12:32 PM
Shirley said...
Now I'm grumpy.
7:09 PM
trav said...
lol shirley... me too
8:41 PM
trav said...
i still check this blog everyday hoping that there will by some slim chance be something new... but it has yet to happen.... **sob**
10:15 PM
Shirley said...
Ya...me to. Sad isn't it? I think we're obsessed. Somehow it's a comfort to know that I am not the only one stalking Becky with eager anticipation. Maybe you and I could keep this blog alive, whether Becky likes it or not. Haa Haaa Whaaa haaaa haaa. (attempt at evil laugh)
2:48 PM
trav said...
lol... i'm down with that...
beck... your blog will never die muahahaha
3:31 PM


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