My Nephew Noah

Just TRY and tell me this isn't the MOST adorable baby in the history of the world! TRY IT. I dare you. I miss him so STINKIN' much... it's KILLING me to have to wait for Christmas! AND he's a wonderkid. He's nine months old and he's WALKING! He's cute AND talented!

NEWSFLASH! Noah has a blog! I just found out! Weeee! Check it out!


  1. Attention Trav:
    I know what you are going to say. I know Chloe is cute, but she has her own blog and I don't go on there telling everyone that Noah is cuter... so don't you do it here. (Even though I dared you.)

  2. holy crap. our rfamily produces cute kids.

    i don't even want to have any now for feer that they won't measure up to this standard you guys have set.

    excuse me while i go play with my kids...eeerrrrr cats.

  3. did i mention i can't spell nor do i care to try.

  4. the brauns must produce wonderkids... at least this generation... amy's baby, camry, was walking at eight months... it's insane... and she didn't even crawl... i won't say that chloe is cuter, i'll say that they are equally adorable... wow... i can't believe i'm being this diplomatic... it's not like me... oh well

  5. Yes, that IS a big concession for "Uncie" Trav... I'm so proud!

    Ben must have missed out on the wonderkid gene... He waited till he was good and ready to walk... 13 months. Just goes to show, you can't rush a Willems.

    We should start a pool on when Chloe will start walking. I'll take 11 months. (Good odds.)

  6. I always said that I had the most adorable grandkids on the face of the planet. Sometimes I feel bad when I show pictures of Ben and Noah to other people, cause I know that they will see just how much more beautiful mine are then theirs. TO BAD. WHO EVER SAID LIFE WAS FAIR. These two just make me so happy. I can't get over it. Yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaa.

  7. You're right Becky,he is the cutest little guy. Does he ever look like his Dad WOW!!!Ang you are right, your family makes cute kids.

  8. That is one amazingly adorable little boy. Wow. I'm with Angie, I don't think I'll have any, there's no way to measure up. Peter's pretty hot, so maybe he'll help me out when the time comes. Hey, if anyone has a picture of Camry, I'd love one. I haven't seen one yet. And Becky, I hope my kids don't walk till they're three. Much less trouble.

  9. Do you know I haven't even MET Camry yet? So... No I don't have a picture, but I've seen pictures and she is a sweet little dolly.

  10. suprisingly... i don't have pictures either... i'll tell amanda to take some


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