The Ocean Has a Shore

Sigh, once again I have to credit this post to something I read on Marc's blog. Here's part of Oswald Chambers' My Utmost For His Highest that addressed some things that I've been thinking about...

Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God —1 Corinthians 10:31

Beware of allowing yourself to think that the shallow aspects of life are not ordained by God; they are ordained by Him equally as much as the profound. We sometimes refuse to be shallow, not out of our deep devotion to God but because we wish to impress other people with the fact that we are not shallow.

To be shallow is not a sign of being sinful, nor is shallowness an indication that there is no depth to your life at all— the ocean has a shore. Even the shallow things of life, such as eating and drinking, walking and talking, are ordained by God. These are all things our Lord did. He did them as the Son of God, and He said, "A disciple is not above his teacher . . ." ( Matthew 10:24 ).

Make a determination to take no one seriously except God. You may find that the first person you must be the most critical with, as being the greatest fraud you have ever known, is yourself.

Just this morning I was reading through some blogs and comparing them to mine, never a good idea, and I was thinking how shallow I must look compared to a lot of deep theologians out there. My blog is a fairly accurate reflection of my thoughts, and I was feeling pretty down on myself for not having very many deep ones... Actually, it would be more accurate to say that this morning I was feeling just plain stupid compared to a lot of people out there in the blogging world. Some times I don't even "get" what they're saying. Sometimes, I have to confess, when I see a theological post I don't even read it. I don't want to make my brain focus enough to understand what they are trying to say.

It just seems like my brain is tied up with so many surface matters that I never "go deeper." That doesn't mean I don't think about spiritual things... It just seems like I'm still struggling to comprehend so many things that seem so simple and straight forward to other people. In bible college I remember leaving classes with my brain hurting, literally. I never push my thoughts so far that my brain hurts anymore... Well almost never.

I think about things like: how pretty the snow is, how cute Ben looks talking at the window to the world outside, am I having a boy or a girl, what am I gonna get my parents for Christmas, whether or not to return a shirt I don't really NEED but really like so I can have some extra cash for Christmas presents, am I having a boy or a girl, how excited I am for Mikey to come home at Christmas, how excited I am to see Jonathan and his completely lovable family, am I having a boy or a girl, should I get Benjamin the flu shot? See what I mean? I'm not pondering the deep things of God that often... I'm usually safely near the shore splashing in the shallows. It's so fun, but am I missing out by not scuba diving down to see the mysterious world far beneath the surface? (OR do I just think I should go deeper so I look smart for other people?)


  1. You sound just like me. I know how you feel. I read so many other people's blogs and wonder the same thing. I don't talk about my spiritual life, or my walk with God or anything of the kind that much. I mostly talk about the daily happenings in my life as well. There's nothing wrong with that, I don't think. Some people's blogs are about their spiritual lives, and some are not. I myself am NOT a deep thinker and never will be, I'm just not programmed that way. My head hurt as well when I walked out of some of my BBI classes. I feel stupid alot of the time talking about certain things regarding the bible and God. Growing up in a christian family, you'd think I'd know almost everything that there is to know about the bible and God, but I don't. But thats me, yes I could try harder but I don't, something I should work on I guess. There are some blogs out there that I really feel I should have a thersaurus by my side so I can "get" what the heck they are talking about, if I don't understand, I just move on. No biggy. So don't feel shallow, your blog is what it, if its about how you feel and what your life is like and that makes you happy, then don't worry. Keep it real!! Take care

  2. if you ever feel stupid. just go to my blog. it will never be deep.

    high five.

  3. must I remind you of the pocket lint suggestion?

  4. I think there is something mysterious and deep and wonderful about watching a little boy discover the world God made for him. I think your blog is great, don't change a thing. Mine on the other hand...LOL, love you Becky, thanks for posting so much stuff about Ben, I love reading it.

    Don't ever change...we love you just the way you are!!!

    love & laughter,

  6. Hey, even I don't read half of Marc's theology posts (especially the ID/science ones) and he's my husband!!!

    PS. Have you thought about whether you're having a boy or a girl lately? :)


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