Another Shantelle Update...

Here is another email from Shirley... please remember to pray for Shantelle and her family.

Hi everyone.
Sorry that I haven't sent an update sooner than this. Thanks for praying, and for being concerned. Shantelle had 2 tumours removed from her brain on monday. She made it through the surgery, and the Doc's were able to get it all (PTL!!) They had to remove some extra tissue in her brain to ensure that they got it all, and they were concerned about changes in her personality because of this. But so far it seems that she is completely her normal wonderful self. That is good news. The doctor reminded the family yesterday that this is one of the most deadly forms of cancer that you can get, and she is not out of the woods yet. They have moved her to a different hospital and she is waiting treatment (Chemo/Radiation).

She now has a blog/website up and running for daily updates. Feel free to check in on it if you would like. Thanks friends for being my prayer partners in this !! I appreciate you all.

Love, Shirley

As for me... Today I accidently threw my wallet in the garbage at the Walmart McDonald's. Don't tell Glen.

In other news... Tonight I am off for a wild night in Regina with some hussy friends of mine to see Chicago. We're going in a LIMO! It's my first time! I'm so excited! I even got a new outfit for the occasion. I know! Will wonders never cease?


  1. that's awesome about shauntelle... it turns out i have actually met her too... our church sent a worship team down to their church for a special event a while ago, and i was on it... small world, eh?

    regarding your wallet... did you get it back?? or is it still in the trash? and you know that picking thru trash to grab your wallet cancels out all the classiness of buying a new outfit to ride in a limo to go see a broadway musical, right? :P

    your loving cousin trav :P

  2. Yes, I got it back. Yes, I searched through trash for it. Yes, I am aware that I am far from classy... even when my outfit makes me look classy on the outside.

  3. well... as long as you look classy on the outside... that's all that counts.... how was the show??

  4. Yes.. how was the show? I am jealous that you got to do this!! My life never seems to head in that direction.
    And what exactly is a 'hussy'?

  5. i want to know how the show was too!!!!!!!!

  6. hussy -
    A woman considered brazen or immoral
    A saucy or impudent girl.
    AKA - Travis Heibert

    This one is my fav:
    adulteress, fornicatress, jade, loose woman, slut, strumpet, trollop

    fornicatress - lol that's awesome...i'm gonna try and use that word as much as possible today.

  7. wow... i'm glad my name isn't travis heibert ang.... otherwise i might be offended you big jerk

    -travis hIEbert

  8. oh crap. I can't even burn trav properly.

    i'm a failure.


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