Some Shameless Advertising

I only mentioned this once in passing... So I feel like it's okay to remind all of you that Benjamin has a blog.

My psychotic sister has also started a blog...
... So if you are in the mood for the ramblings of a lunatic her blog is the place for you. (She has also started a blog for her cats, but I honestly don't remember the address for that one... I'm sure she'll come on here and tell all of us.)

My dad is working on starting one too... He hasn't picked a permanent address yet, but I will let you know when he does.

I'm such a trendsetter!


  1. its

    its very interesting. i suggest you read it.

  2. Are you sure it's not

    Cause I thought Shyla was spelt with and "a"...

    GET IT STRAIGHT! Geez. The stuff I put up with.

  3. so... i thought i was the trendsetter, seeing as how my blog is much older than yours is... but i may be wrong... you must be the trendsetter, seeing as how you are much older than i am :P sorry... i couldn't resist... but i need to go get ready for work... btw... i'm really looking forward to your dad's blog... i think it will be the blog to end all blogs... we need to get the whole braun family going on here

  4. TRav you can't be the trendsetter of the blog thing because you ALMOST NEVER WRITE ANYTHING except on other people's blogs... Plus I got the idea from my friend Scotty.

  5. ummm excuse me??? i had 5 posts in 2 days beck... that and i'm too busy commenting on other people's blogs to post on my own :P

  6. LOL. Ya you're on some kind of a roll there... it's freakin me out.

  7. also addicted to commenting....and checking my blog for comments, except that becky's last one on my page had to be deleted....and I had to rush out and spend thirty bucks on a book. Which I am loving...thanks Becky.

  8. It's not like I said WHO died... you know people are going to start dropping like flies now right? Please tell me you were expecting SOMEONE to die in the latest installment...

    Also, I COULD have been lying... like when my friend Heather Epp to lied me and told me that my prediction that Bruce Willis' character in the Sixth Sense was dead - was wrong... When I was right all along... And I spent the whole movie trying to figure out this extra tricky twist thinking, "But everything points to him being dead... this is a REALLY good plot twist!" Stinkin' Heather.

  9. becky answer your phone. i've been trying to call you. geeze.

  10. hey I read an interview with JK Rowling, who says that she doesn't like people to know that she's a Christian, because they'll figure out the end to the books. I was expecting a lot of people to die, sigh, and am predicting Harry's death in the last book, which will make me quite sad. Th

  11. Harry won't die. That would make me mad. Now I'm trying to figure out the ending though... STINK! How long till the last one? THE WAIT IS KILLING ME!


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