Tricks and Treats

Here is our little bumble Ben... I wish I had a good picture of him from the side... his costume was stuffed and he was nice and round. SO cute! Glen and I really enjoyed ourselves... Glen said it was his best Halloween ever, can you blame him though? This was his very first time trick-or-treating. (Actaully, it might have been my favorite too, and I've done plenty of trick-or-treating.) We looked like complete lunatics with our digital camera and video camera documenting every precious moment. Ben of course had no clue what was going on. He was just happy to be outside and allowed to walk right up the driveways to people's houses. He seemed to think that he should go right into each house when the doors were opened.

Our neighborhood has lots of older people who seemed to really be enjoying all the little ones at their doors. Our neighborhood ALSO has lots of older people who go completely over the top when it comes to the candy they hand out. I thought our chocolate bars and Chiclets were plenty generous, but I think we probably looked pretty cheap compared to the rest of our neighbors. At Ben's first stop he got THREE bags of chips and TWO chocolate bars... it sure didn't take very many houses before he had way too much junk...

Here's a funny, and TRUE, story from the night: We stopped for a bit at my friend Staci's house to show off Ben and, while we were visiting, a group of kids arrived with a lady "supervising" them. My friend's husband Andy put a bag of chips, a chocolate bar, and some gum in each bag. (They live in our outrageous-over-the-top neighborhood, and are apparently fitting in better than we are.) The kids started walking away and the lady (40ish and not dressed up) holds out her hand and says, "I'll just have some chips." Can you believe that? Can you? Andy said, "I don't think so" and shut the door. Lol. I can STILL hardly believe it happened.


  1. that's hilarious about your friend andy... good on him... i bet that shut the old hag up pretty quick... that's so awesome.... i didn't even get to hand out candy this year let alone get dressed up scare the little cretons that come to my door... i used to do that in m'ville sometimes... i'd dress up, hide between the camper and the shed and jump out scare the bejeezers out of them... and then give them candy... but alas... i had to work this halloween... pretty much all of it too... started at 0730 and finished at 2100... it sucked... but oh well... it's money on a pay cheque

  2. ola

    thanks for posting the pic. thats so cute. i showed it to jo.

    i can't wait to come home. i miss it really bad. i have had one too many cold public hostel showers.

    anyways we are both fine and things are cool.

    a can surf. not well. and i've had to swim...out of panic really....and then i realised i could stand. retard.

    anyways see you all soon.


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