Update on Shantelle

Here is another email I got from Shirley. It turns out Glen knows Shantelle from his College and Career days at Forest Grove... Such a small world.

Thank you everyone for praying. We went to the hospital yesterday with little hope, but another day is here and Shantelle is hanging on. The doctors have found 2 large tumors in her brain. They believe that one of these tumors is the source, or starting point of the cancer. The hope now is that Shantelle will hold on long enough to remove these tumors. She is scheduled for brain surgery on Monday. They believe that if they can remove these tumors in her brain, they can kill off the several that are on her spine through radiation and chemo. So that is hopefull. The tumors in her brain have caused a blood vessle to burst which is affecting her vision and her speech. So please keep praying, she is definately not out of the woods yet.

We only got to see Shantelle for maybe 20 seconds, but we were able to see her husband Joe, her extended family, and friends from the Moose Jaw Church. We spent time talking and praying together. Thanks for your prayers. It is hard to see someone you love, and someone so young (30) going through this. But God is in control!

Amen, Shirley. We're praying with you!


  1. I'm sending some up there for your friends Becky!!!

    I'm also sending as much peace and strength to her family as I can muster!!!

    love to you,


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