Urgent Prayer Request

I got this email from my pastor's wife, Shirley, this morning and I thought I would share it with all of my online friends... I hope that's okay with you Shirley...

Hi everyone. On Sunday Harv and I came home from church to an email regarding a close friends of ours from Moose Jaw. Joe and Shantelle are the pastor couple of the church plant we helped with while we attended Caronport. We became very close with them, and spent a lot of time together. Shantelle had been experiencing back pain for the last 2 weeks. When they did a CT scan on Friday to investigate they found multiple tumours on her spine. They did emergency surgery on Saturday night. We found out last night that the tumour had regrown to pre-surgury size and that they found one in her brain now as well. The doctors are saying that she may not make it through the day. If she does lives until noon, they may try another surgury option, but it does not look good. Harv and I are heading down to Regina to be with Joe and friends from the Moose Jaw church today. I don't know if we will even get to see Shantelle. This feels devastating to us personally, and to the church plant as well. Please pray. Pray for Joe who is absolutely devastated, and for their 8 year old daughter Mikayla. I will update you when I can.

I'll update you all when Shirley updates me... Let's all keep this family in our hearts and our prayers.


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