I'm Getting There

Well, the "guest"room has been sanded and primed... The ceiling and the closet are ALL DONE! Now I can FINALLY put some color on the wall. (The good part.) I actually LOVE painting, it's all of the prep work that comes first that I hate. This house has required more prep work than any of you can even imagine. (Ask my family.) I have never seen a place so banged up. Add that to the smoke stains of a chain smoker from the past... I don't know... 100 years?

Anyways, I'm off to paint for as long as the little monster naps... Which hasn't been very long lately, he's teething, it's BRUTAL. It seems like the moment I get all set up to paint he wakes up screaming from a ridiculously short nap. I've tried wearing him out wrestling with him, chasing him, taking him swimming. Nothing is working. It sucks. All I can think about is, "What the hoink am I gonna do when the new baby gets here?"


  1. Becky! Your room looks so much better! A word from someone who's done a lot of painting...Never use red. We tried to do an accent wall with red, you can see it in the Gillette pictures, and it's just torturous. It took three THICK coats and it still looks a little blotchy. My mom says the same thing is true with dark blue. She did a navy accent wall, also went badly. Hope the little man feels better, I'm so excited to hear what you're having. Keep us all posted. Much Love.

  2. Sorry to hear about your little guy, teething is always a hard time.
    I feel for you about the walls in your house being in such bad shape. We bought a great house, but it was a repossession, so needless to say it was in very bad condition. Patching walls, painting yellow smoke stained ceilings, been there, stillin working on some of it. The guy we had come and inspect the house actually wrote in his report to "replace" the kitchen, yes, it was that bad. So I now have a new kitchen. So good luck with choosing a color.

    By the way, to your friend Melanie. I painted my living room a dark blue, and my kitchen a dark copper. If you use a grey tinted primer first, you don't get the blotchies. I only did two coats and it looks great! So don't be afraid of dark colors...its all in the primer.

  3. I paint in pastels only, so I never have that problem. Weeeee!

    Man, I have to get off this computer and START painting. Stop buggin me people! (Kidding. Love the comments.)

  4. Oh yeah, and the ceilings in this house weren't yellow smoke stained... They were brown. Even the INSIDE of the refrigerator was smoke stained. It was repulsive. The there were the pee stained carpets and floor boards... Sigh. WHY did we buy this house again? Oh yeah. Good neighborhood. At least we didn't have to REPLACE our entire kitchen! Good grief. It's nice to know other people are also suffering. :)

    It's getting better though... Slowly but surely. Too bad we don't live in the same province Tanya, we could share the loads...

  5. Yes, its nice to live in a nice neighborhood, and sometimes its worth it, putting up with "other" peoples crap. That's why we picked this house too. Nice neighborhood...great resale value. The house is only 16years old, but its had a hard life. There were some real "yahoo's" living in here before, but had they not gone bankrupt, we wouldn't have gotten this house for what we did. In a year or two, we could probably sell it for twice as much as what we bought for. So its been a great investment!! Take care and have fun painting and get off the computer already!LOL

  6. give ben some whiskey... if it doesn't put him to sleep it will at least make him a little easier to be around... unless he's a mean drunk

  7. i don't have a clue uncle john... must be the yorkton water


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