It's A Boy.

That's right people, no girl for Becky. I have had a raging headache since last night. I think the stress of not knowing finally got to me... And then we added the stress of knowing and not being very pleased. Yes. I know all the good reasons to be happy it's a boy. Yes. I know some of you think it's funny. I don't think it's funny though. I need a couple days to adjust. This is why I need to find out in advance. I would hate to be adjusting while the baby is already here. I already feel guilty enough for being upset that I'm not getting my Hannah, when this baby deserves to be anticipated with joy...

I've disabled comments for this post. I don't want any patronizing platitudes, "Now Ben will have a brother!" Duh. "As long as it's healthy!" Double Duh. I'm not a moron. I'll be fine in a day or so. But just for now I am disappointed and nothing any of you can say is going to help, in fact it will probably make it worse. So I am taking my headache back to bed where it belongs. I just thought I should put some of you out of your misery since Glen said you called... Ang you know who you are.

In other news my Christmas present from Glen was Sims Superstar and it totally doesn't work. So now I am really depressed. Not even Sims to sweep me away to another world... Sigh. I know. Life is hard.

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