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Benjamin and I got back from our weekend trip to Regina yesterday. We stayed with my friend Angela and her husband Todd. I love seeing her. I think I overwhelm her a bit with my enthusiasm for her though, I just can't seem to stop myself! As soon as I am with her, I want her to be updated on everything in my life. If you think I talk too much you should see me when I haven't seen someone for a while. Especially if it's someone who used to know every tiny detail of my life, including many things that even Glen doesn't know to this day... Poor Ang, she puts up with a lot.

Anyways... She is such a terrific hostess. She took such good care of Benjamin and me AND our family. My "Aunty" Carolyn (who is younger than me and thinner so it feels weird to call her Aunty, so I don't, unless I'm teasing her) was visiting Regina from Vancouver Island with her sweet little son Ethan. Ethan is about the same age as Ben, but that is where ALL similarities end. They were so funny together. Ben just seemed so confused by Ethan's energy and methods of play. I could see his little brain trying to figure out "What is up with this guy?" while Ethan kicked all of Ben's nicely lined up cars all over the living room. Eventually Ben got into the hang of things and the two of them managed to thouroughly embarass all of us at Moxie's. (I was SURE we were going to get kicked out when they started bouncing on the benches and screaming at the top of their lungs.) It was a good time. Mom and Dad and Angie came too so their was a big crowd of us in Angela's very welcoming home. (She is such a good sport.)

Anyways... We are off to Saskatoon tomorrow. Back on the road. Sigh. Glen's grandpa went home to Jesus on Saturday morning, so we are driving in to go to the funeral. Poor Benjamin is going to be subjected to another trip. I feel bad for the poor little guy, he was so happy to get home. At least this trip he will mostly be with people he knows AND we will have his Daddy along. That will make a big difference I'm sure. I just hope we can convince him that he doesn't need to sleep in bed with me again. It's amazing how someone so little can take up so much space in a bed.

Anyways... That's an update on what's going on here. No deep theological thoughts or anything even remotely resembling that. The deepest I can go today is to say how much I love my friend Ang and how much I love my fabulous family. It's so great to be with the people you love most in the world and it's even greater when you can get a whole bunch of them together in one room.


  1. I'm too tired to proof read, so feel free to point out any glaring errors for me.

  2. well i'm the last person to even notice errors. so you are safe with me....and mom for that matter. poor mom.

    angela was super nice....thank her again please. and her soup was fab.

    its so nice to hang and laugh with you. i really wish you lived here. bla.

    i'm going to go make some fudge.

  3. What a busy weekend. I worked 14 hours on friday, had people here for breakfast at 8 on sat, and after working all day to get the
    Christmas banquet off and then going to it and getting to bed at midnight that night driving to Regina sunday morning and home that night all by myself I was a bit tired on Monday. Oh, wait. There were two people in the car with me..but you would not have known..BECAUSE THEY SLEPT ALL THE WAY THERE AND BACK!!!!!!!But sunday was a good day. I got to see my grandson Ben again, and every time I see him makes my life that much better.I also got to see Carolyn and her whirlwind of a son Ethan. That boy has enough energy for three boys his size. He goes about 100 miles an hour nonstop. I think Dave, if you read this you owe that wife of yours big time for taking Ethan all by herself like that. But he is fun to be around. Big thanks to Beckys friends Ang and Todd for letting us use their house as a meeting place. It was so much better than just meeting at the mall or a resturant. And then she fed us homemade soup and hot bread for supper before we left. Those people understand the word hospitality. All in all a good day, just a little tiring.

  4. this is something you should put on your blog uncle john... sorry to hear about glen's grandpa... our prayers are with you guys


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