We're Back!

Hi! We're back from our trip to Saskatoon to say goodbye to Glen's Grandpa. We had a good trip, but I've been on the road too much this past week or so... I'm glad to be home.

In other news...

It would seem that I have a VERY active baby growing in me. It's moving all over the place right now as I type. On Saturday it finally kicked hard enought that I could feel it with my hand. So now I have evidence. Right now, it is quite a lovely feeling, but I am getting a bit apprehensive... I hope this baby slows down a bit.

While I was pregnant with Benjamin I had this dream... (Ang told one of hers, so now you have to listen to one of mine.)

I was shopping and Ben was kicking soooooo hard... Eventually I looked down and noticed that there was an unusual lump under my T-shirt. I pulled it up to see what was going on and to my horror discovered he'd managed to kick a foot RIGHT OUT OF MY STOMACH. I had this hole in my skin and this little leg was hanging out, so I gently pushed it back in where it belonged and used some duct tape to patch up the damage. LOL. Can you tell I am my father's daughter? "Just put some duct tape on there and that'll fix it!"

Anyways, at the rate this baby is going I will be needing a roll or two of duct tape to keep things all together... Maybe that would make a good stocking stuffer...


  1. Hi Becky,
    I love hearing dreams women have when they are pregnant. Duct tape will repair anything, I hear. If you have a shower for this baby let me know and I'll send a couple of rolls. LOL
    Can you tell me how you save all those blogger adresses on your opening page? I would like to visit other people's blogs, and always have to go visit your site, which is pretty great, I'll tell you. by the way, this blogging thing is pretty cool. I think I'm hooked.

  2. the easiest way to save all the blogs you visit is just to add them to your favorites list... at least that's what i do... that way i can put them in whatever order i want to do my regular check... and oh yeah... i'm totally addicted to the blog thing too... i check like at least 3 times a day... that's probably why it feels like no one ever posts, and then i look at the date and it's only been 2 days... dang... i need my wife to get back

  3. wow... i'm slow... i just realized now that you changed your template... wow... i must need some sleep... oh well... i'll get enough sleep when i'm dead

  4. Becky this message is for you and only you.

    Jullian Crane.

    I remembered this morning.

  5. FINALLY! I almost watched the show to find out... That's how bad it was for me. Last night in bed I kept thinking... It's like Julias, but it's not... WHAT IS IT?

  6. Becky and Angie, Passions? Now I can't figure out how I know that name...thanks a million. Also addicted to blogging, although I restrain myself on the weekend, and try to get most of my work e mails done before I get on everyones blog. Becky, that dream is the most terrifying thing I've heard in a while. Yikes.

  7. Becky, I had to stop in & say hi - i'm not sure if you remember me from YEARS back at Redberry, but I thought i'd give it a try! congrats on the new baby & your little boy is sooo handsome! it seems like you are super blessed, i'm glad! hope it's ok if i keep checking back from time to time to see how you are doing! Merry Christmas!

  8. I was just reading this and I remembered one of my crazy pregnant dreams. I had just watched Oprah's baby shower show and there was this really adorable little black baby on it. That night I dreamt that I was having my baby and they had to do a c-section because my baby's afro was to big to push out. I actually had a lot of crazy dreams. I should have wrote the down. I only remember that one and this one....I dreamt that I had had Chloe and I went to MacDonald's for lunch(a prenatal thursday tradition), and I forgot Chloe there. The next day, when I realised she was missing I went back and in the process asked Mom if Social Services was going to let me keep her. She said, "Oh yeah...they let you screw up once." Me and Chloe still haven't gone to MacDonald's together.

  9. Becky, I love you. Why aren't you blogging? We miss you, I check your blog twice a day and have been very sad for 19 days straight... Please??


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