Another one bites the dust.

Glen's down. The pukefest rages on!


  1. It is a powerful wicked flu bug. I had it for one morning, the rest of the day was spent trying to recover from the violence of it. Next day I went to work. Am praying that Ben doesn't get it. When they are that little they can't tell you when they will hurl. At the worst possible time they just erupt and like Mt St Helens, just spew the stuff all over the countryside.

  2. LOL--- that's hillarious. I remember I baby sat for Josh and Mitchell, and when auntie Colleen came home Josh was over the toilet throwing up, and Mitch was outside saying he was going to, and I was with Josh, trying to be comforting, but almost getting sick myself. She came home right in the middle of it all. It was priceless. All the time I find reasons to delay having kids. I'm going to get a puppy instead.

  3. Puppies puke sometimes too... My stupid cats puke all the time. Actually it's mostly Phoebe. I think I'll go write a post about that right now...


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