Happy Birthday Dad!

Ben already said it, but I'm gonna say it too!

Happy Birthday to the best Dad that a girl like me could have! I love you and I like you too! You're one of the funniest, nicest, smartest guys I know. I love that I have a dad that I like hanging around with... Even though you like to watch shows like Fishing Canada and The Router Workshop...

Whoops! I almost forgot to add a flattering photo of the birthday boy!

There ya go!


  1. Its small wonder that I love you too. With comments like that and such a nice picture.

  2. dad. you could have tried to look better. that's definately not "blue steel" at all. come on now. work with us.

  3. Looking good Johnny!

  4. That is indeed a lovely picture. So beautiful that for some reason my computer has decided Becky's blog is all good now, and I see all the posts right away. It had to be that beautiful shot. Thanks a million guys.


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