I'm sick.

Jonathan and his family went down first. They are still trying to recover at Mom and Dad's. Mom and Dad went down next, followed closely by Grandma Newson. I was sure I had it beat. I thought, "If I was going to get sick, I'd be sick by now... Noah put his germy little fingers in my mouth and I let him... But I got away with it!"

Last night I started puking at around 2am... I am no longer in denial... Just the depths of despair. Oh please God, don't let Ben get sick... Have mercy on me. (On the up side... All of us should manage to lose all of our Christmas pounds within a few days...)

(For those of you looking for Christmas stuff on Ben's blog, don't hold your breath.)


  1. I am sick too. Not the stomach flu, but a chest cold, and I am moving tomorrow.:( It started out with an inflamed chest muscle. (the Dr. said the pectoral) I have had gall stones, broken bones, twisted ankles,and a baby that would all have been preferrabl. OK. Maybe not Tye (11lbs 14 oz) but all the rest, yes. Even gall stones didn't hurt like this. My left arm was completely usless and my right arm almost. It's amazing how much each muscle depends on the others. I came suddennly on Saturday and left almost as suddenly on Thuesday. Thats when the chest cold came. That I can handle.
    Becky, being sick to the stomach when you're pregnant really isn't fun. I will pray that you get over it soon and that Ben doesn't get it. Or that he at least waits until you're over it.

  2. Becky- I'm really sorry. I hope you feel better really soon, and will also pray that Ben doesn't get it. Just curl up on the couch with your little boy and watch cartoons and eat something that doesn't make you feel gross. Snuggling with that kid should be able to cure most of the worst ails.

  3. Hope you feel better Becky. Our prayers are with you. :-)

  4. mel... wouldn't snuggling on the couch with ben increase his chances of catching it?

  5. pretty sure that they touch a whole lot anyway, and besides, we're praying that Ben doesn't get sick. Go write on your blog.

  6. Yes we do touch a lot. In fact Ben just came in for a kiss a few minutes ago and stuck his tongue out at the last minute. We touch. A LOT.

  7. Hey, are you feeling any better? Aparently the sickness is flying through here as well. Peter's in bed sick today and we also touch a lot. I guess it's just a matter of time. Sigh. Hope you're feeling great today.


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