Lost in the barrens... Again.

I have nothing to say. I wish I could say I had something to say, but no time to say it, but the truth is my mind is barren again. This blog was supposed to be about things you couldn't find out about me in regular conversation. Lately though, I haven't written anything that anyone couldn't find out EASILY. The sad fact is there really isn't much more going on with me. I'm not thinking anything interesting. I'm bored with myself so I can't imagine being interesting to other people. And yet... The blog rolls on. Why? Because I'm bored.

Sigh. So go ahead and keep reading, but don't expect much for the next while.

(Although... The leadership debate is on right now and I'm yelling at the screen already, so maybe I'll have something to say after all. OR maybe I'll save myself the frustration and raised blood pressure and just put on a movie. Paul Martin's "Who me?" look is INFURIATING! ... Rage... Building... Vision... Blurring... Losing control...)


  1. This is off my friend baldwin's blog but i thought it was hilarious....

    Last night I watched the National Leader's Debate. Boy, man, that was some high comedy. In case you missed it, I'll paraphrase each leader's answer to any and every question that was asked of them:

    Stephen Harper - Conservative Party of Canada
    "We're about accountability in government. I come from 6 generations under the flag. I was born and raised under the flag. I work under the flag. The flag is great." insert shit-eating grin here

    Gille Duceppe - Bloc Quebecois
    "No! I Don't understand how Paul Martin can esqouverterreelaistest! I find it amazing that he can stand d'ere and reelloucaviaer du montagnenophone! You Liberals and you conservatives are the same government!"

    Paul Martin - Liberal Party of Canada
    "I'd like to take this up to another level here. I'd like to shift gears before I answer your question. First off, this is a stupid debate. This is just stupid and I can't believe we're talking about this. I want an intelligent debate. This is so stupid! Also, Stephen Harper hates Canada."

    Jack Layton - New Democratic Party of Canada
    "Now... The Conservatives... and The Liberals... They have failed you. But... there... is... a third... alternative... you... have an option.... chose it."

    It's unfortunate that I can say that last night's was the best Canadian debate I've seen in years, while simultaneously laughing out loud while I recount the ridiculousness of it all.

  2. Y'know Becky, I can't imagine anyone being bored with you. I find even the "barreness of your mind" as you call it, charming.

    Oh, and I am glad that I am not the only one that yells at the TV when it comes to these debates.

  3. Becky,

    Auntgie Carol here. Since hearing about all the blogs out there, I thought I best do a search to find them all.

    Wow, it's nice to know that even though you guys are far away, by visiting the blogs, we can still keep in touch. I am not sure what happens when we all say "Keep in touch", and then it never seems to happen. It's nice to be able to come here, and see some familiar faces, and to even post a few lines. Ben is growing so fast, and he's such an adorable boy. Enjoy him!!


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