The pukefest rages on...

Benjamin has transformed my life in many ways. One of the more surprising changes is my change in attitude towards pets. My cats used to make me so happy. I wanted them to sleep on my bed, under my covers even. I loved my pets with a burning passion and I loved everybody else's pets too... Now? Not so much. Now I love Ben, he's squeezed the cats out of my affections.

I often find myself thinking the same thing my dad used to say ALL THE TIME. It's ironic to me that a phrase that used to offend and upset me has now become my mantra... Filthy Animal.

This morning our STUPID cat Phoebe, pictured above, ONCE AGAIN puked all over the floor. (I think she's bulimic. She's all about the binge and purge. The thing is, I hate puke. Especially warm from a cat's stomach.) Anyways, I find myself down on the floor, sopping up warm, chunky, fresh from the cat vomit and I'm thinking, "Filthy animal." And I am wondering, when did I become my father? I have been cleaning up puke from this cat for years and thinking mostly "Poor kitty..." Suddenly, almost ANYTHING the cats do drives me nuts. The cat hair which was never a problem before is a HUGE problem now. The meowing used to be cute, now? Meh.

I've even toyed with the idea of getting rid of the stupid things. Don't get to excited Dad, I don't hate them or anything, but when I am kneeling on the floor in the morning, nauseated from being pregnant, gagging, cleaning up the vomit of a filthy animal that doesn't know when to stop eating, I can't help but think it. (Ben was gagging too, by the way, I was worried he'd puke on the puke...)

The real irony is that now Dad has a pet he loves and I think of as "filthy animal."

The circle is now complete. When I met you I was but the learner. Now, I am the master.


  1. awww Becky you make me laugh. There is a country song with a line "I'm starting to see my father in me" I saw that with my dad a while ago and now you and me, that is to funny.
    How do I get other peoples blog links on my site. I hate allways having to go to your site to visit other blogs.

  2. It is easy peasy... I will call you tomorrow and tell you over the phone...

  3. This is hillarious, which I have to say, I really needed today. Peter's parents cat (who I dislike - much to everyone's chagrin) puked all over the floor too. And his mom was making rice soup (I strongly dislike rice - except fried) and all I could smell even after she cleaned the floor, was cat puke and rice. I have become a family joke with my dislike for cats...they all love her and she's 13, so a major part of the family. And when I find something of Peter's (she loves his smell) all covered in her hair, I want her dead. I'm so mean. Poor arthritic filthy animal.


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