Something To Pray About

Ang already mentioned this on her site, but it's pretty important to both of us so you're going to hear it here too.

My friend/cousin (2nd cousin? 1st cousin once removed?) Mavis has recently discovered that she has brain cancer. She was having really bad headaches and went in to the doctor to get it checked out. That evening she went in for a CAT scan and a few days later she went in for surgery. The surgeons removed a tumor about the size of a small orange, but they couldn't get it all. Some of it is in around her brain stem. Now she has radiation treatments in front of her and she's been told she can't work for at least six months. She's single and runs a daycare, so you can imagine what her financial situation is...

I love Mavis. Mavis is one of those people who just makes me feel happy when I am around her. She is one of the nicest girls I know. She is really one of my very favorite family members... She takes up a pretty big space in my heart. We've had a lot of good times together, most of them at Redberry Bible Camp... My very favorite was in Regina though... Oh man, just thinking about her makes me smile. Now it makes me cry a bit too. I'm worried about her. I wish I lived closer. I'd like to be the person she could count on if she needs a ride to the store or just a visit with some chips and a movie. She shouldn't have to worry about having enough money for groceries... I think she has enough to worry about right now.

I wish I had a picture of her for those of you who don't know her, but all of my pictures were taken before the days of digital cameras... Maybe I can find one and scan it in... I'll keep everyone posted since apparently our family gossip mill is not running at full steam. (I just found out last night and she went in for surgery nearly a month ago!)

Father, please take care of Mavis. Help her not to feel scared. Stay close to her and let her know in lots of ways that you are with her and that you love her. Send people her way to lift her spirits and to bring support.


  1. I had heard that Mavis had surgery but I had not heard that it was actually cancer. That is just so wrong. Does she have a computer and e mail that one could wish her well? Does anyone know? Or does anyone have her street address? If any of you know, I'd like to have it if I could. Thanks

  2. yeah... i just found out about it on monday... my wife knew on saturday, but i didn't.... that's ok... i'm the last hiebert to know... but mom was telling me that the tumor in her brain was about the size of an orange... it's a miracle that she's still alive from that... well... maybe she'll pull a janie

  3. I had heard something of the fact she had surgery. I will be sure to say a few extra prayers for her. Wow, it's amazing how many of us there are, and spread out all over. If anyone sees or hears from her, please let her know we are all thinking of her.

  4. Mom went to visit her tonight. They were going walking. Mavis actually phoned her from her cell phone while she was out for a walk. I think her spirit's are being lifted, so the prayer is working. I'll talk to Mom tomorrow and see if I can get an update!!

  5. Hi everyone
    I went to visit Mavis last night. She is doing amazingly well. she has an awesome attitude about it all. after she found out she has cancer, she had told her friend who was driving her home, that she could do one of two things. she could give up and have a great big pity party or she could live her life to the full, and fight this thing. She chose the second. Not that she won't have bad days and the odd pity party. but I think that's where we come in. Our prayers, calls, letters and any kind of encouragement will make her fight easier.
    She is going on social services for the time being as she had to give up her day care completely. She will also have to find somewhere smaller to live. She doesn't want a roommate.
    Judy has been spending time with Mavis and they had a good time. We'll have to keep praying about this.
    Mavis said she is sorry that we didn't know about stuff as it was happening, but she left it up to her Mom to contact people and since Mom & Dad were in BC she didn't think to tell anyone else. All's well that ends well. I guess we can make up for it now that we know.
    She has fairly large scar above her ear in the shape of a C. She said she wished her name started with a C so that it could stand for Something. We decided that it stands for "CURED" instead of that other C word.
    Mavis has a really awesome church family. Thay have stood by her and helped her out in every way possible. Not that we should not do our part, but it might relieve those of you who live far away to know that.
    I will try to keep you updated as much as possible.
    Some day when I have the internet at home I to will become a consistant blogger.
    Just in case I haven't told some of you . I love you.

  6. That didn't sound right. I love all of you. I do tell some of you on a more frequent basis though.

  7. Thanks Susan for the update. i am glad that you were able to go and see her. It would be nice if you could e mail me her mailing address. Ang didn't want to post it which of course is very smart. I keep forgetting that it is a public site. It is nice to hear that she is not totally alone. None of us here knew much. Anything anyone hears about her would be greatly appreciated if it was passed on to us. Thanks so much for the update. I love you too. :0)


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