Thoughts of a Raving Pro-lifer on the Eve of an Election

I'm going to write something here that some people might think is inflammatory... I HATE ABORTION IN ANY AND ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. And worse, I intend to vote accordingly. I know lots of people will say we can't legislate goodness. We can't force people to make right choices. If we could touch people's hearts and help them find God then we'd see real change. (Well, duh... But why can't we stand up against sin until then, or are we supposed to just stand by and watch while our society destroys itself?)

I know lots of people say if we make something like abortion illegal it will just force women to attain abortions on some kind of freaky black market. I agree. That would be terrible. I also know I can't make people's choices for them. I'm not sure I even think abortion should be illegal. I do know one thing for sure. I HATE THAT MY TAX DOLLARS PAY FOR ABORTIONS. Oh, I hate that. It makes me literally sick to my stomach. I'm indirectly paying for babies to be murdered. I'm paying for some of them to be ripped into tiny pieces by a knife with a vacuum on the end of it, pulled from their mother's stomachs, and then dumped in the trash. I try not to think about it too often because I always cry if I do.

I guess I'm just really sick of being told that as a Christian my only job is to show compassion. It seems like lately it's cool to tolerate sin in the lives of others with the idea that if we show any kind of judgment we are not witnessing in a way that is pleasing to God. I feel like I'm not supposed to include the "all have sinned" part in my presentation of the gospel. I'm supposed to only talk about the love of God, but not the judgment. I'm not supposed to say that abortion is a sin and try to stop it from being an accepted part of our society because then I am a being a judgmental bigot.

I think that by the same reasoning we would be wrong to stop a murder from happening in front of us. The murderer would only be doing what they thought was right at the time. They would think that this was the best way to deal with a difficult situation. They would be making a choice that could possibly make their lives a lot easier. Oh sure, I should offer them counseling, but in the end the choice should be theirs. They'd be making a choice under a delusion, but I believe women are also deluded if they think an abortion is their best option.

(You don't like my murderer analogy? Okay, how about this? Why have we made it the law that everyone has to wear a seatbelt? Shouldn't it be the individual's choice whether or not they think they need to be protected from flying through a windshield What business is it of our government's to legislate the safest and best way to travel in a moving vehicle? Shouldn't we just make sure people know the facts and then let them make their own choice? And yet, we're fine with the seatbelt law. It's only common sense after all... But I think it's only common sense that people shouldn't be allowed to kill unborn children! And don't bother arguing that, unlike abortion, no one thinks the seatbelt law is debatable. I've seen the loonies on T.V. arguing that sometimes you're safer without a seatbelt and it should be everyone's personal choice. We've legislated something because we think it is in people's best interest to wear a seatbelt, whether they like it or not.)

Abortions are easy to obtain in this country and I believe that we are damaging women by making them so accessible. By publicly funding abortions we are making it easier for women to make a choice that will hurt them. Why should a teen bother thinking about consequences and, at the very least, using contraceptives if they know there's an easy way out of an unwanted pregnancy? They see it as an easy way out and abortion is never an easy way out... Certainly not for the baby, but also for the mother. It is not easy on her physically, and it damages her emotionally and spiritually. I've heard all the rape arguments, and the health arguments, but I've never been convinced that ripping a child from your body will help anyone heal. Sorry. Don't bother arguing with me over this one. You won't convince me. I'm prepared to be completely unreasonable. I ache for all the women who've made the choice to abort their child. I ache for all the women who are even forced to consider it. I can't even imagine what it would feel like to be in that kind of a situation. I know life can deal people horrible blows. I definitely think this issue needs to be dealt with using the most compassion we can possibly find. But I don't think we are showing compassion when we say, "Let's help you get rid of your problem by paying for someone to murder your baby." That's what our country is saying to women when we publicly fund abortions.

I feel that abortion is wrong, way down deep in my soul. I want to scream it from a mountain top. I want to run into every clinic everywhere and save every baby and keep it for myself if I have to. Should I act on that belief by looking for ways to educate women and offer them alternatives? Absolutely. Once I've done that should I stand by and wait for them to choose what is right? Or do I have the right/obligation to stand up for the innocent and the helpless in the meantime? I'm not talking about blowing up clinics. I'm not even really sure I'm talking about campaigning to make abortions illegal. I just feel that by supporting a pro-choice candidate I am also supporting abortion with my acceptance that "There are some things I just can't change so I'll vote for this guy anyways..."

I think I could be satisfied if abortions weren't publicly funded anymore, but until then I'll vote for any pro-life candidate that comes along. It's my policy. It may be based on completely unreasonable emotions, but I've prayed long and hard about it, and I just can't go against the cry of my heart and do otherwise.

Anyways... *GO VOTE! Make yourself heard! I know lots of you won't agree with my voting policy, but I'd rather you voted against my choice of government because of what you believe than you sat at home and didn't make your voice heard at all!

*This public service announcement has been brought to you by the following sponsors.. Just kidding. It did get pretty preachy there, didn't it?


  1. Hmmm... I guess I finally have something to say. LOL. Maybe this post was so long because my brain has been offline for quite a while and now the floodgates have been opened. Next topic: "War, huh, yeah. What is it good for?"


  2. Well, I'm definitely anti-abortion as well. But in terms of this election, since abortion is not an issue which ANY of the parties are going to do anything about, I'm not basing my vote on it. I certainly have in the past. So, unless your particular local representative is very pro-life, than I'm not sure how you can vote for teh pro-life candidate. Certainly there are a lot of other "hot topics" to base a vote on this time around!!

    If your next post is going to be about war :), you should look at teh Conservative budget for military spending. It's quite something!

  3. I agree, but I did explain that my policy is based almost entirely on emotions so what can I say? There's just no reasoning with me.

  4. (Actually, I like my candidate for lots of other reasons besides his position on abortion so I guess I can't claim complete irrationality. Sigh. So much for being an over-the-top raving maniac... I had such dreams...)

  5. Hey Becky,

    I, too, am anti-abortion. I find it a tricky subject to tackle and I'm glad it's not on any party's plate. It would make my decision that much harder.

    As Dixie says, even if your local candidate is pro-life, it doesn't mean anything will change legally--in fact, it probably won't.

    But I understand your point and feel the same way re: tax dollars and the murder comparison. It's a difficult issue.

    Keep in mind, too, that there are a host of other subjects that Christians should be passionate about as well, particularly the plight of the poor. And these other subjects also involve our tax dollars.

    Anyway, I liked your post, even though I may not have agreed with everything. You call it as you see it, but without malice. That's admirable.

  6. Just something to think about - I read in an article in a Philip Yancey book, that if Christians had voted okay to abortion only in the case of incest, rape, or life of the mother, we may have lost a little, or "compromised" as some would see it, but we would have potentially saved 97% of aborted children. We'd have given, and maybe they would have legalized it all anyway, but if they hadn't, if it would have stayed at just those situations, 97% of 35 million babies would have lived. I don't believe abortion is right either, not really for any circumstance, but I know Christianity has gone about it all wrong. It makes me sad. As someone really really smart once said, "sometimes you can be so right, you just end up wrong." It feels like that 97% is on us too. And that makes me sad. Christians, by and large, are insanely passive, though not our family. We pulled out of so many issues when they were in development stages, and now we're furious at the way "the world" has handled it. I agree with you, I really do, but it's not just their fault. We left the abortion issue to be decided by those who place no value on human life.

  7. Write the "war, huh. what's it good for" I agree. Don't think I like the war thing at all.

  8. I don't remember saying anywhere in my post that abortion is anyone's fault in particular... As a country I believe that we, both Christians and non-Christians, have failed the innocent and damaged women. That was what I was trying to say.

    As for the war topic... Maybe my post would have been a list of all the things war was good for... So maybe you wouldn't have agreed with me. Too bad I'm not in the mood to get myself all stirred up again. Now we'll never know which way I'd have gone.


  9. LOL- Yikes, I seem to be the queen of misunderstandings, not understanding what I read that is. I tend not to talk about a lot of these topics, because not very many people seem to agree with me, and honestly, I'm still working out a lot of what I think on the subject, or rather, subjects. I like this post Becky. Well done.

  10. I am ashamed. I found out yesterday from my American in-laws that we have a new prime minister. What does everyone think of Harper? I could look at all the official stuff, but this seems a better idea.


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